One of the big draws of the new Marvel Heroes video game is that there is a huge selection of authentic Marvel heroes to choose from. However, when you first begin playing you will only have a selection of five 'starter heroes' to choose from. In this article I'll explain how you can go about unlocking the other heroes like Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man and Deadpool for you to play.

Although only having a selection of 5 beginner classes might sound quite restrictive the heroes you do have access to are actually quite good. These include:

  • Daredevil: The red-costumed stuntman crime fighter.
  • Hawkeye: The purple-clad ranger.
  • Scarlet Witch: The hex-casting femme fatale.
  • Storm: X-men's classic elemental mutant.
  • Thing: The behemoth man of stone.

Although these characters aren't really seen to be part of Marvel's main line up they still have plenty to offer in terms of gameplay. They also cover each of the main ARPG archetypes as well, which is important because one way of unlocking further heroes means playing at least one of these for a while. 

Marvel Heroes ARPG Logo
Credit: Marvel Heroes / Gazillion Entertainment

Unlocking Specific Heroes When You Begin

If you really want a specific hero, like Spider-Man right from the very beginning then you only really have one choice - the microtransaction store. Marvel Heroes features a 'G Store' where you can use your credit card to purchase Gs, which can then be spent on unlocking heroes, costumes, XP boosts, respecs and other goodies. There are some minor pay to win elements but for the most part these purchases just save you time, as almost everything can also be unlocked through gameplay.

How Much Do New Heroes Cost?

The heroes vary in price by quite a bit, ranging from 500 to 2000 Gs. In real money terms this is between $5 and $20 per hero. More popular heroes like Deadpool might cost upwards of $20 while the less popular ones may only cost a few dollars. If you only want to buy one specific hero to begin playing with then this is probably your best option as it lets you pick the hero without any randomization. 

Unlocking Heroes Through Gameplay

Spiderman Marvel HeroesCredit: Gazillion EntertainmentIf you don't mind the order in which you unlock the additional heroes then the best approach for you might simply be to unlock them through playing the game with one of the starter heroes. Simply pick the one you like the most and start completing quests and killing enemies. 

Through Quests - One of the ways that you can get a few additional heroes is by completing quests. Certain side quests and main quests in the storyline award you with an item that can be right clicked to unlock a new hero. If you get one of these rewards and you already have the hero it unlocks you will instead receive a fate card item. As such, it's well worth your time to do these quests!

Through Drops - All enemies in Marvel Heroes have a very small chance to drop a hero card, which will unlock the specified hero. Bosses and rare enemies have a higher chance but almost anything could drop a new hero for you. This is the best way for someone to slowly unlock all of the heroes if they don't want to spend any money in the G store. 

Tips for Farming Heroes as Drops

If you want to unlock your heroes by farming enemies and bosses then here are a few tips to increase your chances and speed up the rate at which they drop for you:

  • Level One Character as High as Possible - This doesn't have to be your starting character as well, it could be one that you purchase or find with your starter hero. For example, you might choose to unlock Hulk because he is excellent for farming. 
  • Find and Max Out Your Best AoE Ability - Play around with your different skills to find your highest damage Area of Effect (AoE) ability. Once you have found it put as many skill points into it as you can to really pump up it's damage. Use this skill to quickly destroy large packs. The more kills you get per minute the more chances you have to unlock new heroes!
  • Constantly Use Your Mobility Skills - In keeping with the theme of kills per minute, having a good set of mobility skills will allow you to get around the maps very quickly and can even allow you to bypass awkward terrain.
  • Learn the Boss Runs - Doing boss runs with pick up groups or solo is a great way to get loot and hero drops. Level up to max level and then start finding out what the best and most popular boss farming runs are. Feel free to ask in general chat or just pay attention to what people are creating parties for.
  • Learn the Important Stats on Gear - Effectively gearing up your farming hero will help a lot. Added XP, move speed, damage, spirit and increased AoE are some of the best stats you can get. Don't neglect survivability though!
  • Efficiency is King! - Do everything in your power to be as efficient as you can be whilst farming. This means skipping small groups of enemies, ignoring distractions and even avoiding picking up all but the rarest of loot. Even avoid bonus XP orbs or piles of money if they aren't right where you are walking anyway. Every second spent picking up a pile of money or chasing down a random enemy takes away from your efficiency. 
  • Research the Best Builds and Characters for Farming - Not all heroes are made equal. Do your research and, if possible, use the ones that are considered best for pure farming. This means ones that have both excellent AoE and mobility whilst also having decent survivability. Single target damage is less important as is party support. 

Hero Trading?

Unfortunately, not yet. Hopefully this is something Gazillion adds in the future to Marvel Heroes as not only will it make it easier to get the heroes you want but it will also help to foster a better sense of community. After all, trading card communities are some of the strongest around!