Long day at work? Stressful work environment? Strenuous job? Work overload? You probably like many others fight to relax after work. Learn to the leave the stress at the office and unwind at home! It's all about finding the right balance between work and play!

Things You Will Need




Step 1

CRANK THE VOLUME. As soon as your day or night is done, leave! Hop in the car. Roll the windows down (if you can). Turn the volume up! Sing! Yell out the song. Let your hair down. Listen to your favorite songs and have fun. This will boost your energy and get your mind off the job. Unwind...

Step 2

VENT TO WHOEVER. When you get home and IF you have any work stresses bothering you, talk it out! Talk with your loved one, husband, wife, mom, dad, friend, c0-worker. It's so important to get frustrations off your chest in order to move on and have a relaxing evening. Unwind...

Step 3

BREAK A SWEAT. Get moving. Burn some calories. Walk. Run. Lift. Swim. Jog. Hike. Just move and feel the stress leave your body. Boost your energy and metabolism with a great fat blasting workout. Exercise is great for you and your heart especially after a stressful day on the job. Unwind...

Step 4

GET SOME GRUB. Time to eat. Nourish your body. Replenish your body. But feed your body with healthy foods. Think green. Think fresh. Small portions is key especially for the last meal of the day. 25% protein. 25% carbs. 50% veggies and fruit. Think smart. Think healthy. Unwind...

Step 5

DO NOTHING. Stop. Relax. Breathe. Watch some TV. Read a book. Rest on the couch. Practice some easy yoga or medition. Be still. Let your mind relax. Take yourself away from the stress and frustrations at work. It's OK to do nothing. Accept that and you are golden. Unwind...

Remember to get a good night sleep!! Rise and shine refreshed and confident.

Follow theses steps and learn how to unwind after work. You will feel so much better.

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