The Commitiva Z71 is one of the best android phones anyone can ever come by. It is actually designed for great output. Many of the users we have around are actually bearing witness to this. If you are a user, you too would have come to realize the great benefits that are there to benefit form by making use of the phone. Do you know that the phone can still be updated to the latest Cyanogen Mod.7.0.2? Well, in case you are not aware, I can authoritatively tell you that this can be done. It also does not require special techie knowledge to get the updating done; you can get things done by yourself. Through this write up, you are going to learn about the simple steps that are involved in the updating process of the phone. You can be sure that you'll have a lot to cheer about after you must have finished with the updating.

Update through ROM manager method

It all begins with flashing clockwork mod recovery. After you have done this, open the ROM Manger application. A number of options wil be presented to you. Among them, select 'download ROM'. This can be found in ROM Manager. Go to main menu & click on it. A list of options will be presented. From among them, choose 'Cyanogen mod'. Some people may also desire to have the Google default application downloaded together with the cyanogen mod option, which can done by going to the Google apps menu present in the list.

The next step involves selecting 'back up existing ROM'. You should also click on 'wipe data and clear cache' option. The later may not be necessary until you are prompted to do so. This will make the Wildfire to restart and reboot. After the booting, click on cyanogens mod 7 file. This will get the file installed. Then, the wildfire will reboot again and this completes the installation process.

Update through the recovery method

You begin by downloading the cyanogens mod 7.02. Make sure it is the most latest version you are downloading. You can also decide to download Google Apps. The two downloaded files should be placed at the root of SD card. The next step involves booting the phone in clockwork mod recovery. After this, click on 'wipe data/ factory reset'. From options in the list that are next presented to you, click on 'install zip from the SD card'. Next, you should click on 'select zip from SD card'. Next, you should select '' selecting this option will get the zip file installed. Follow the steps highlighted above for installing the Google App too. This time around, you will choose '' instead of ''. Next, go to main menu & click on 'reboot system now'. This ends the installation procedure.


There is no point in following the later installation procedure if the former is successful. It is not so sure that the updating procedure described above may not work on any other phones apart from the commtiva Z71.