The face of an appliance is the forward facing section that is most noticeable to you and your family. Older appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and toasters can wear with age. Small dents may appear in the finish from things bumping into them. Some surfaces that are light colored or white can become dingy or yellowish in color. Spilling colored food and drinks nearby an appliance can stain the appliance finish; especially if the food or drink is a dark color like pie fillings or a powdered drink mix. If your appliances just don't look new for any reason and no amount of cleaning helps, you can reface them yourself in very short time with few tools. Stainless steel re-facing is available at a nominal fee to transform your appliances into shiny new updated versions and saves the money of purchasing new appliances when your old ones still work.

Re-facing a Dishwasher

Open the dishwasher door until it stands still at the first
stop. This stop is when the door is about halfway open. Observe the screws in
the trim that contain the facing. Insert a screwdriver into each of the screws
and turn them counterclockwise to remove each screw on the left and right sides
of the door. Set the screws aside in a cup or glass to contain them for later
use. Stand directly in front of the dishwasher door and place a hand on each
side of the face near the middle. Push the face to the right with both hands
and slide it out of the dishwasher.

Place the old dishwasher face on top of the near stainless steel
facing. Draw a line around the edges of the old front and onto the new front
with a carpenter’s pencil. Remove the old dishwasher face and cut along the
lines with shears.

Turn the stainless steel facing over with the protective
adhesive backing facing upward. Peel the backing off and slide the stainless
steel facing into the front of the dishwasher. Press the adhesive backing onto
the dishwasher door. Replace the trim on the dishwasher and insert a screw into
each hole. Turn the screws clockwise with a screwdriver to hold the trim and
face in place.

Re-facing a Refrigerator

Place a small piece of freezer tape on the tip of a small
flat-head screwdriver. Insert the padded tip underneath the refrigerator handle
and pry the handle off the refrigerator. The tape pads the tip of the
screwdriver so it doesn’t leave marks on your appliance. Remove the screws that
hold the refrigerator handle onto the door. Pull the handle straight off the
door and set it aside.

Hold a sheet of stainless steel re-facing up to the door. Place
a few pieces of freezer tape on the top of the door to hold the sheet in place.
Bend the re-facing onto the door to cover the sides, top and bottom and leave
indentations in the steel. Remove the tape and the re-facing and cut along the
indentations with shears. Peel the sticky backing off the sheet, align it on
the door and press it in place.

Re-attach the refrigerator door handle with the screws and press
the protective handle cover back on top of the handle.

Stand back and enjoy your shiny new appliances.