Living with an outdated bathroom is a reality for many homeowners because they do not have the budget for a complete bathroom makeover. However, even with the smallest of budgets you can make a big difference in the look of your bathroom. Here are some budget friendly bathroom update ideas that you can use. Do them all at once or one at a time depending on your budget needs.

Remove Old Wallpaper

If your bathroom has outdated wallpaper, removing it will instantly update the bathroom. Some cheap fabric softener and a paint scraper is all you really need to remove it. Then just lightly sand the walls, prime and paint. This bathroom update can be done in less than a day and should only cost $50 or so for the entire project. Talk about working with a small budget.

Paint Your Vanity

Need a new looking vanity for less than $100? Sand and prime your bathroom vanity to get it ready for some paint. White, black and brown are all excellent colors that will work with just about any bathroom décor. If you have money left over you can even add some decorative wood molding and some new hardware for a high end look. Just make sure to fix any broken doors or drawers as well so the vanity is functional as well as beautiful.

Make a Mirror Frame

Does your bathroom still have an outdated, unframed mirror? For around $25 you can get the look of a custom mirror frame. Measure each side of your mirror and write down your measurements so you know how much molding you need and the length to cut the molding to. Head to the molding section of your local home improvement store and look for some attractive molding to frame your mirror. This should only cost $10-$15 if you look. Cut the molding at 45 degree angle with a miter saw to the length you need. Then just use your leftover vanity paint to paint the frame, glue the pieces together with wood glue and attach it to the mirror with some double-sided velcro. The result is an updated bathroom mirror frame on a very small budget.

Vinyl Tiles

Getting new flooring in a bathroom on a small budget used to be difficult. Now there are attractive peel and stick vinyl tiles for less than $1 a square foot. Some slightly more expensive options (around $2.50 sq./ft.) are even groutable for a more realistic look. If you are willing to do the work yourself, you could easily have a updated vinyl tile bathroom floor for less than $100 depending on the size of your bathroom. With some smart shopping you might even be able to have a new bathroom floor for under $50.

Replace the Light

An outdated bathroom light fixture is yet another bathroom item that can be easily updated on a small budget. Three to four bulb light fixtures can be found for $50 or less and can make a huge difference in the look of you bathroom. Keep an eye out for clearance items and sales and you could save even more money on an attractive fixture.

By using these ideas, you can have an updated bathroom for $300 or less. With some good shopping skills you could do these same bathroom updates on an even smaller budget. So take some time and a little money and you will be enjoying an updated bathroom look.