If you can't run the latest computer game,chances are you may need a new video card. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your video card. Many benefits of upgrading your computer's video card are, increases in speed of computer applications, faster loading of web pages, and better gaming speeds. This guide will explain the process of upgrading your video card.

Things You Will Need

*Screw Driver
*New Video Card

Step 1

How to replace a video card:
Before you can purchase a computer video card you must first check to see if your new video card will be compatible. This is the most complicated part of the process. If you have purchased your computer from brand a store, you can check on the back of the computer for a model number. Look up this model number on the internet. You are looking for the computer manual for the computer. You may also still have your manual from when you purchased your computer. In the manual under video card, or graphics, you will find the specifications of the video card.

Step 2

How to replace a video card:
Once you have the video card specifications, shut down your computer (it may be good to print this guide out first) and unscrew the computer by the screws at the back. The side panel on the left should slide off. Now when you look inside you will see many slots that the different "cards" slide into. One may have a fan on it facing down, if it has a fan, or heatsink, then it is the video card. Video cards are sometimes color coded, they may be colored: blue, green, or red.

Step 3

How to replace a video card:

To take out the video card you must first find the screw that holds the video card to the computer case. It is located along the side facing you. Unscrew the video card and pull it out, sometimes there's a latch that needs to be pressed down on the card for it to slide out.

Step 4

How to replace a video card:

It's always good to take the manual for your computer, and even your old video card to the store. People there can look at your card and help you find an upgrade. Newer video cards may not fit into your computer. This can be complicated and it's best for the person at the store to help you with this step.

Step 5

How to replace a video card:

When you have your new video card, slide it into the empty slot where the other card is now missing from. Replace the screw. Make sure there are not any extra power connectors that need to be plugged into the video card for power. These will usually be a four pronged power connector. Go ahead at this point and Turn on the computer and make sure the video card functions properly and that the fan 'if any' spins. If everything starts then you have successfully replaced your video card.
How to replace a video card:

You will need to install a video card driver, and it usually comes on a CD with the video card. Insert this CD and run it. It should auto-install the driver. It will ask you to reboot your computer once you have completed this process.

Tips & Warnings

*Always turn off the computer. Turn off the switch at the back of the computer if there is one. Then unplug the power cable located near the switch. Never open a computer while it is on.