The most common reason to upgrade or replace laptop hard disk drive is capacity. Operating systems and other applications occupies a little bit more disk space nowadays compared 5 years ago. An 80GB hard drive you bought few years back which seem impossible to fill is now running out of hard disk space. The computer hardware and software technology is fast developing and this is the reason why there is a need for constant upgrade to accommodate this changes.

This article will show you how to upgrade or replace laptop hard disk drive.

Step 1: When you get your replacement hard drive for your laptop, the first thing to ensure is compatibility. Not all hard drive available in store is compatible to every laptop out there. It all depends on your laptop if it can accommodate the speed (RPM) and capacity (GB) of the replacement disk. So before you buy, ask if it can be used on the model of your laptop. You can also check online which hard disk is compatible with your laptop model.

Step 2: Back up all the important files on your existing hard disk so you can transfer them to your new drive later. You can simply burn the files to a CD or DVD before you do anything. Another option is to transfer files to another computer if you have one. You may also want to list down the applications that you have so you know what to install later. If you do not have the complete drivers on every device on your laptop (display, network adapters, sound, etc), you need to list them down so you can easily search for it when it's time to install drivers. If you have all the drivers, then there is no need to do this.

TIP: There is a technique of backing up the whole hard disk drive called imaging using third party software. It's like taking a photo of your hard drive's current state and restoring it to the new hard disk which means you will not see any difference except your disk capacity problem is solved. Unfortunately, it is not covered in this article.

remove hard diskStep 3: Now turn off the laptop computer and remove the battery just to be safe. Locate the hard drive under your laptop and remove it carefully. There is usually marking under the laptop to easily locate hard drive and memory. Every laptop brands installs hard disk in different ways. Some you need to unscrew a small cover to remove the hard disk while some requires removing the whole cover. Refer to user manual if you are not sure.

replace hard diskStep 4: Laptop hard disk is usually contained in a metal cradle so you need to remove the cradle from the laptop first. Then remove the actual hard disk from its metal cradle. Install the new hard disk drive in the metal cradle in the same manner when you removed the old disk. This is a simple unscrew and screw. Finally, install the metal cradle with the new hard disk back to the hard disk slot. Make sure that it sits properly on its slot in the same manner before it was removed. Reinsert the battery and that's about it!

Now you can go ahead and install the operating system and other applications.

Upgrading your laptop hard disk drive is not that difficult although you need to be careful. Restoring and installing operating system and other applications could take more time than replacing laptop hard disk drive.

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