In the endless quest for curly hairs, we found no better than the curling irons! However, it is important to use them properly and not to be too hooked!

Curling Irons

Curling Irons are sold in department stores and you can also buy a cordless curling iron online. The most notable brands are Babyliss curling iron, Chi curling iron, Braun curling iron, Revlon curling iron, Conair curling iron. However, there is an important thing to know: to avoid the worst for your hair, you are strongly advised to choose a cordless curling iron with 100% ionic ceramic plates or "infrared" plates.

Ionic ceramic plates of curling irons:

The 100% ionic ceramic technology used for ceramic plates is much less harmful to the hair than ceramic coated irons plates. It promotes the overall health of the hair allowing it to retain its luster and elasticity despite the hair getting curly. Moreover, the ionic ceramic plates emit negative ions that act as real vitamins on your hair by discharging the static electricity accumulated and allowing the curls to stay longer.

Infrared technology of curling irons:

The plates allow infrared rays to heat the hair from inside to outside, thus preventing overheating of the surface of the hair. Your hair is so curly inside and outside, which means that the curls stay longer, without burning your hair.

Using a curling iron on healthy hair

You must take good care of your hair when using a curling iron. Like natural aggressions such as wind or sun rays, a curling iron weakens the hair by emitting a very high heat and it is important to keep your hair healthy to offset the harm done by the curling iron.

You can choose a curling iron with the latest technology such as a thermostat to control the temperature of the curling iron. Keep in mind that even the mundane act of passing your hand through your hair all day can do serious damage to it! Also, the ideal frequency to avoid damaging the hair would be to use the curling iron once a week only.

How to use a curling iron correctly

  1. First recommendation: When you plug in your curling iron, do not go and do something else. The curling iron heats in lightning speed and you can use it in less than five minutes after turning it on. Sometimes you can use them immediately for the latest models.
  2. The use of the curling iron is to curl your hair. It is imperative not to "burn" your hair. Wash them, then let them dry in the open air or use a hairdryer. New plates are being designed for use on wet hair but they do not seem very effective because they do not give a shiny effect on the brushing!
  3. Apply a special hair solution made of milk designed to be applied to the hair before using the curling iron. This type of product is sold in hair salons or beauty parlors.
  4. To begin curling, separate your hair strands and insert a wick rather leave a gap between the hairs from the root. Close the plate and curl down gently towards the tips. The important thing is not to curl ten times on the same strand. Descend relatively slowly (approximately 6 seconds) for the curl to be flawless.
  5. Professional Tip: For a perfect result, the curling must take place at the bottom of the root (hair starting from the neck) to the top of the head.
  6. You can give a shape to your hair by directing your movement on the end of the curling iron.
  7. To use your curling iron as long as possible and to keep it in good condition, do not leave it in a place where there is humidity like the bathroom because water which evaporates can damage its electrical parts. Make sure to clean your curling iron as often as possible, and for this you can use a damp cloth on the plates, provided they are cold!