The acai berry is a nutrient rich food that has amazing health properties. The tiny berry contains fiber, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and more. It packs a very powerful punch. Benefits of acai berry include increased health and energy. Research is being conducted that indicates it helps fight disease and many feel it helps with weight loss. The acai berry antioxidant is amazing. Here is how to use acai berry for health.

Things You Will Need

100% top quality Acai Berry product like Perfect Acai

Nutritious foods

Fresh water to drink

Step 1

Understand that the acai berry is being touted as a health cure because it has so many properties that help with good health. It contains fiber, vitamin E and Omega 3 oils which help reduce bad cholesterol. It has antioxidants greater than those found in wine. Acai berry also appears to be a helpful tool for weight loss control.

Step 2

Recognize that some claims made by the manufacturers of acai berry for health have been stretched. For example, a University of Florida study shows that acai berry extracts kill leukemia cells. Some acai berry manufacturers have promoted this study claiming that the acai berry cures cancer. But this has not been proven yet.

Step 3

Select a quality acai berry product to try. Acai berry comes in many forms, capsules, juices, freeze dried etc. If you are trying to lose weight with acai berry remember, some of the products like the juices have calories, so use moderation. For the Acai Berry Diet capsules are best.

Step 4

Take acai berry for health on a regular basis according to the manufacturers directions for best results. Proper use of acai berry can give you the acai berry benefit.

Acai berry may enhance your health but keep in mind it is not a replacement for eating a healthy diet and exercising.

Tips & Warnings

One of the best types of acai berry to try is organic acai that is freeze dried quickly after harvesting and encapsulated. Capsules help keep the acai berry fresh, acai powder goes rancid more rapidly.