All women have features that they either want to hide or to accentuate. If you have great features that you would like to show off, use some accessories from stores like Lane Bryant and Roaman's to help. It is always a great feeling to find that perfect outfit that flatters you and your shape; with a few accessories, you can really make those amazing features stand out.


Shoes are a great way to accentuate a great pair of legs and make any outfit pop. If you want to show off your great calves, pair up a short skirt with high heels in the summer or a pair of tall boots with slacks in the winter. When you wear a pair of tight fitting jeans or slacks, nothing makes your legs look better than a high boot. High heels always create the look of longer and leaner legs. Women have been using shoes to accentuate the best features their legs have to offer for years, and it really does work!


Hats are always fun to wear, and if worn right, they can really accentuate your eyes, your neckline and even your great facial bone structure. Find a fun hat in a variety of styles and try wearing it next time you go out. Get ready to receive compliments on your eyes.


When women want to draw attention to a certain area, they use jewelry to do it. The use of a beautiful necklace is a great way to bring the eye towards a feminine neckline or even show off great cleavage. Rings are a great way to show off a well polished hand, and bracelets can add some delicate attention to the wrist. Earrings are a great way to bring eyes up to your face and get the attention you deserve.


If you want something to add to an outfit that is not only stylish but can add some attention to your face and hair, try a scarf around your neck. You can find scarves that look great when worn around the waist instead of an ordinary belt. Scarves are a great way to add some flare to any outfit and can actually create a slimming look if worn correctly.


Handbags are probably one of the most popular and adored accessories that women own. They offer the convenience of holding your personal items, as well as the added bonus of creating wonderful fashion statements about your personal style. While you might not think that a handbag can accentuate any features, you're wrong. In most cases, a handbag helps tie together the outfit and offers a completed fashionable look; this in turn draws attention to all areas of your body.