Active Data Recovery

Data recovery

There are many online software programs and services on the internet that anyone can use should you ever accidentally delete all your data and important files, which can happen to many people due to computers over heating or the hard disk gets damaged or maybe the computer just simply crashes due to viruses.  Don't worry there is a solution you can try, this software will only run with Windows XP . But there is also recovery programs  for  Mac computers as well. You will be using a software called Active File Recovery which will recover any lost data , files and  partitions.

This is a cheaper alternative to paying for a service online to fix the problem for you, you will find that most online data recovery services are quite expensive depending on the service you choose. But there are data recovery services that will give you a fair deal, but this will ultimately depend on the nature of the problem and what it will take in terms of parts and service or a data recovery program which can be downloaded .This method mainly concerns the loss of data partitions and files which can be retrieved by using Active file Recovery software.


OK, the first step is to download the software you will find many sevices that offer this software online, please make sure that you read all conditions and terms before downloading any program online. If you are in doubt then it's best you do a review search on the term and find a ligitamate site that offers the  software. Once you are  have  downloaded the software then you can proceed to launch the program and start the recovery process With any Active file recovery software you will be given step by step instructions on how to use and  open the program.

OK you will need to select a drive on your computer  in order to recover any lost  data, you will find the drive under "Local System Devices". Once you have  selected a drive on your computer and you have opened the software program, then  you will see an icon called Quick Scan click on this , this will automatically search for any lost or deleted files.

If you would like to recover any Partitions then Click the Super Scan option to recover this data. You will see all the files that have been found and  can potentially be recovered will be shown on the right side pane of the computer screen. This will show you exactly how much files, Data , Partitions have been found. Just click on any file or partition to start the Data Recovery Process  once you have found and recovered all data , you may want to transfer it to a  disk to be sure your data won't be deleted again. Any Active Data Recovery software you use should do it's job and do it well, research online for the Best software to use and do a little homework first, always have your options open.