Strengthen and Nourish Your Hair With Amla Oil

Amla oil comes from the deciduous tree commonly known as Indian Goosebury. The tree's bitter, lemon-sized fruit yields an oil that is believed to strengthen the hair, nourish the scalp, treat hair loss and prevent premature graying. In addition, the oil is often used to fix dyes in fabrics, which indicates that it may be useful for helping to maintain the vibrancy of color-treated hair. In particular, individuals with dyed red hair may benefit from using the oil regularly to keep their color from fading as quickly. African American women and other women with ethnic hair also benefit from the conditioning properties of the oil, which prevents breakage and keeps the hair healthy.

Also known as amla hair oil because of these beneficial qualities, the oil has been used for hundreds of years to maintain overall hair health and strength in people around the world. You can also benefit from its use by following the steps below.

Where Can I Purchase Amla Oil?

Although it's more readily available than in the past, thanks to a recent rise in popularity, amla oil may still be somewhat difficult to obtain. For the best results, look first at your local natural foods store and beauty supply store. If you still can't find it locally, you can always order the oil online. Make sure to purchase a reputable brand, such as Bazaar of India Amla Oil.

How to Use Amla Oil on Your Hair

Use approximately 3 tbsp. of pure amla oil for medium-length hair. If you have short hair, you can use about half this amount and if you have long hair, double it. It may take a few tries before you learn exactly how much it takes for your hair. The trick is to saturate each strand of hair without applying so much that it drips.

Rub the oil between your palms, a little at a time, and apply directly to your scalp and roots. Work the oil through your hair from your scalp down to the ends. Use more oil as needed, but don't use too much. If you have long hair, you can apply the oil to your scalp and then brush it through to the ends with a natural bristle brush. In addition, try massaging the oil into your scalp for a few minutes to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

After working the oil through your hair and massaging it into your scalp, wrap your head in plastic wrap or put on a shower cap. Then, wrap your head with a towel and leave the oil on overnight for the best results. If you don't have this much time, you will still benefit by leaving the hair in for an hour or more. However, the longer you leave it in, the better the results.

Rinse the amla oil from your hair using warm water, then shampoo as usual with a mild, natural shampoo to remove any residue. You most likely won't need to condition after shampooing your hair. You can use this treatment up to three times a week, if desired.