I realized a little too late that I loved pshycology, and understanding the really deep reasonings behing human behavior, interaction, and the processes of the ever amazing human brain. And while I will most likely not get that Doctorate that I would need to be where I wanted to go, I have done a lot of research in my free time, and lended my ear to those that needed to get everything from their bad luck recently all the way to very serious and deeply effecting issues such as fears, and traumatizing incedents. I am still new at being more grown up with only a couple of months between my and my 22nd birthday back in April, but I still feel that I know so much about interation and behaviors and honestly, it helps me understand others a lot more and keeps me from losing my cool when I don't understand a particular action. I got interested in pshycological theories when I experienced my own traumatizing, life altering events from as long as I can remember until I was about 16 years old. I had to grow up beyond my years to fully understand and deal with the serious effects on my life just to understand how to cope without resorting to negative actions like self destruction or out landish behavior. I am lucky that I took an interest in something so intangible before I even realized how broad and interesting pshycology really is, unfortuneately for me, my life events are also what made me feel inadequeate to pursure such an intellectual and longer than normal college education. That and the fear of not being able to pay for it on my own, and possibly failing miserably, I just wasn't ready to depend on my interest in the field to make me the most successfull that I could be and make the big money to afford anything I wanted one day- it seemed so impossible because I let myself think I wasn't capable. Now, I am inspired to use my life events and how they effected me both positively and negatively along with my very basic understanding of how people interact and behave in specific situations to give my friends and sometimes strangers who confide in me, the best advice that I can give. I don't have the answers to every problem, but I like to be able to help a person rationalize when they are to mad or emotional to think with their brain instead of their emotionally charged feelings. I think that society would be more conscious and considerate if more people genuinely wanted to help others and became are sensitive to behaviors and their effects as I feel I have become. However, this isn't for everyone, only those who can keep an open mind to what they may not quite understand. The brain is far more complex than most of us ever know or will ever realize because we are satisfied with dealing with life as it happens, and not giving choices a secong though after basic analasis of the issue at hand. Well I want to know why people act the way they do, and how I can help others realize potential or live better lives. Call me crazy for taking on such a vast hobby. But this is something that I believe in, so I feel that I should encourage those who also believe in this to use their ability to understand deeper meanings to help themselves and others. It's awfully nice to know I helped someone realize something positive and changes their whole attitude about important things.

Things You Will Need

Step 1

Time to research different behaviors and phenomenon that are relevante to basic human interaction and behavior. Using the internet or the local library to locate secondary data collected from respected doctors are the most informational and true. Not all information will be particularly true or applicable to every person you talk to, so it is good to be diverse in your readings and concepts, you will get the hang of it after a while when peope tell you things and you can relate them to issues or problems and help them understand it through what you have researched.But be careful to never make someones choices for them, because if you make the wrong choice, it could ruin their plans and you will lose your friend, only guide them through the rationale and reason behind their feelings and help them calm down so they can think clearly and make their own decisions based on your guidance. For example, it is okay to explain that they are mad because they didn't get recognition because they want others to know that they have worked hard and did well, however throwing a fit to get the attention and negative thoughts about their conduct will cancel out all the good work and they are back to square one or worse. However, if you explain that their supervisor may be busy or didn't realize that they did the work, may help the person realize that sometimes there are just little miscomunications that just need a little nudge before they do what you had hoped for. There is always a reason that people interact in a certain way, especially in the work world, there is professional conduct between workers that is basically universal everywhere and keeps everyone on the same page socially and knowledge wise to keep the organiztion running smoothly for each worker as an individual. Sometimes mistakes or issues arise but are settled depending on how we interact with eachother. People are suppose to learn this all through life, make mistakes, and keep maturing and learning- so sometimes issues arise and mistakes are always possible even though fixable!
Just because you think you can help someone, doesn't mean you always can make things clearer, sometimes it is best to not try to understand somthing or coax someone to talk about something that they aren't ready to open up about. Not all people are open to someone else knowing and giving their 2 cents on someone elses life if they don't have the intelligence and empathy to really understand human behavior at is basis, at our primal instinct level.

Tips & Warnings