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The Astrologer can help you understand what makes the people you love do the things that they do. Astrology readings, utilizing Financial Astrology can assist you in investing your money, there is even a branch of Astrology Reading known as Astro-Cartography which shows the best places for you to live.

Most importantly though, astrology readings can help you grow as a person. A horoscope reading is an excellent tool for those experiencing life transitions, there are "Just for Women" Reports that will take you on an empowering journey that can invigorate and energize your life, "Career Opportunity" Reports to help you find the perfect job!, even Reports that tell you things about your Past Lives. There really is no limit to the life conditions that astrology can shed light on.

Astrology Readings identify your life's challenges and ways to consciously overcome them. You don't have to believe in Astrology for it to work. It is not a Religion where belief is necessary to its success in your life. Astrology is not magic, it won't turn a frog into a Prince. It will make you smarter, though, more humble and infinitely more beautiful, on the inside, as you learn what makes people tick and begin to understand, appreciate and ultimately accept and interact with other people in a whole new way.

Things You Will Need

* Your exact time of birth,
* the date and place of birth
* An internet connection
* An Open Mind
* An earnest desire to become the Master of your Destiny

Step 1

Astrology Chart Start by having your Natal Astrology Chart prepared. Often referred to as a Birth Chart, the Astrological Natal Chart is an illustrated map of the heavens at the exact moment you were born, it is like a fingerprint and will give you profound insight into your own life. You can get a free birth chart online at, pay for a Chart online that comes with a full 20+ page Natal Report for $7 to $30 or book yourself a live Interpretation / Consultation of your Natal Chart through a Professional Astrologer which can cost from $60 to $250 and lasts from 1-2 hours on average.

Step 2

Next, get yourself a Personal Horoscope Reading prepared. Unlike the generic newspaper daily horoscopes, this one is made from your personal birth data and totally unique to you. Also, available at your local Astrologer or online, you can get your very own personal Horoscope Forecast for the next three months, six months or year for anywhere from $30 to $250; depending on if its computer generated or if you get a live 1-2 hour session with the Astrologer for this as well.

Step 3

Moon manYou may wish to consult with the Astrologer to address life issues you may be dealing with right now like Love, Job Loss, Change of Residence or Financial Astrology. You can also get Relationship Readings online as well as visit the Astrologer locally who deals primarily with relationship issues. As long as you know something about the other person's birthday: date, time and place, there is virtually nothing you can't find out about them.* Give gifts of Personalized Reports, Charts or Astrological Consultations to friends and New-Born Babies. It's a great way to help loved ones understand themselves better, too; there are Compatibility Reports that explore the relationship mechanism between you and a lover, family member or even a Celebrity you have a crush on! Amaze your friends and family with your original and fascinating gifts!

Tips & Warnings

Start cheap and work your way up to where you feel comfortable.
Intuitive means the Astrologer is kind of a psychic too (goody!).
Don't just spill your guts when you sit down, let the Astrologer do most of the talking, so you'll understand just how good they are.
Ask before you assume: Many Astrologers will not do charts for other people without their consent (its considered spying by many Ethical Organizations).
Some Astrologers charge extra to calculate your kids and spouse's Charts during your session.
The Astrologer lives by the Natural Planetary Cycles of the Moon. A Moon Calender is a wonderful way to start your foray into the metaphysical universe. Find out more in the resources.
Do not take what you learn too seriously, Astrology can only show possibilities, the future changes each time you change the present.
Ask for references, Astrology is hard work, requiring a profound understanding of mathematics, astronomy and human psychology, some people simply do not know what they are doing. Better yet, take a course and become a better informed Astrological consumer.