Staining floors is a three step process. There is the etching, the actual staining, and then the sealing process. Within these three major steps are the minor details of how to do it.

A company that specializes in stains, etching acid, and sealers is Behr. If you need some work done on your floor and decide to get the Behr products, then you might need some help with how to use behr floor stain.

Step #1 Etching or cleaning

  • Protect walls and baseboards. Cover with tape and paper.
  • Acid is diluted 1:1. For a smooth floor, use undiluted.
  • Put the solution of Behr concrete cleaner/etcher into a plastic bucket
  • Apply with a broom to all floor surfaces. Pay attention to the corners
  • Let sit
  • Still using the broom, scrub vigorously
  • While acid is still wet on floor, wash and scrub with water
  • Squeegee off excess water
  • Let dry

At this point of the process on how to use behr floor stain, the etched floor will be rough and gritty. This is the right way of doing it. Let us now move on to step number two.
Step #2 Staining
  • Check the wall and sideboard protection. Put more paper and tape in place if necessary
  • Apply Behr stain with a sprayer. Optionally, roll with long handled roller for a flat even look
  • Let dry. Four hours is sufficient before the second coat
  • Apply second coat as needed. Let dry overnight

The floor now looks good with its makeover with the Behr floor stain. Only one more major step and then we are done.
Step #3 Sealing
  • When the floor stain is good and dry, then we can apply the sealing solution. This can be done with a roller and a pan
  • Let dry. Four hours will be sufficient
  • Apply another coat. Dry and coat as necessary

An hour after the last application, your floor should be dried out enough. Wait a few more moments before restoring furniture and other objects into the room. This is the 3-step method of how to use behr floor stain to make your flooring ideas a reality.

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