The Bidz website is a place to participate in auctions containing jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and other nice gifts-Some are name brand, others are not. I will explain how to use this site to your benefit!

Things You Will Need

Internet connection

Membership (free) to

Spare time and money

Step 1

After you have established your account with Bidz, you can officially start bidding on the things that you are willing to buy that you like! The left side of the page contains navigation through the products, so just choose what you would like to look at and it will bring you up to that page.

Step 2

For example, if you click on Rings, you will be brought to a page that contains images of different rings with a timer underneath each. Take your mouse and hover over an image-it should show an enlarged view of the ring and all of its details.

The timer under the iamge is how much time is remaining in that auction, and you will also notice a bid box and price. The current price under the image is how much someone has bid on it so far-so if you want the item, you must bid higher!

Step 3

There are usually several pages of items in one category, and the farther you go back the longer the auction times are-and you will find higher dollar items towards the end of the pages too!

Step 4

If you bid on several items and want to watch them all in one place, simply go to the top of the page and click "my bidz" which will bring you up to your account choices. You will then click "manage my active bids" and you will see all of the bidz that you have won, lost, and are currently bidding on!

Step 5

Lastly, if you have actually won an item, you don't have to purchase it right away if you do not want to, you can also wait until you win other things and ship them all at once!! There are restrictions to this method-so be sure to read the shipping polocies!

In addition, you have 5 days to pay for your items before they return to auction. If you let your items do this too often, you may have your account priviliages revoked-so don't win without planning to buy!!!!

Overall, this site is a GREAT alternative to buying high quality jewelry. I once bought a ring that was worth 109.00$- for only 8.00$!!! There is always a piece for anyones budget, from name brand to replicas to nice cheap pieces. I can tell you that I have never been disappointed with the quality,shipping time, price, or customer service!!

Tips & Warnings

Its easy to get carried away with things like this, so never spend more than your means!!