Biozyme is a powder additive for saltwater or freshwater aquariums. This additive is designed to counteract the presence of too many nitrates in the water caused by fish urine in the water. The powder eliminates the nitrates from the water and purifies it for the fish so that they do no die from ingesting too many toxins. The powder is not difficult to use. A small amount of the powder added every week will help keep the water fresh and reduce the frequency of water changes. Adding the Biozyme to the water is not difficult, and will improve the water quality drastically. Continue use of Biozyme throughout the life of the fish and aquarium to maintain a balance that will preserve the necessary enzymes in the tank without harming the fish. 




Large bucket

Aquarium vacuum

Soft cloths

Distilled water

Biozyme powder

¼ teaspoon

Fishing net



Remove 25 to 50 percent of the water from the aquarium using a large siphon. Place one end of the siphon into the tank. Make sure the end is secure and will not fall out. Position the other end of the siphon lower than the sides of the tank into a large bucket or sink. Allow the water to flow naturally from the tank to the bucket. You may have to suck gently on the free end of the hose to get the water flowing into the tube. Take care not to drink the tank water if you have to inhale through the tube. When the aquarium is at the desired level, remove the siphon.


Vacuum the gravel with an aquarium vacuum to remove algae from the rocks. Clean the sides of the tank with a soft cloth while the water level is lowered.


 Fill the aquarium with distilled water. Leave the top one-inch of the tank unfilled, so that when you add materials inside the tank the water will not overflow. Allow the dirt and gravel to settle inside the tank until the water appears clear again.


Add ¼ teaspoon of Biozyme powder per 25 gallons of fresh aquarium water. Allow the powder to mix into the water. Use a fishing net to help stir the powder into the water. Take care not to disturb the gravel.


Add 1/8th of a teaspoon of powder every week after the initial dose of powder to prevent the accumulation of nitrates in the aquarium water.