Mold and mildew removal in a home is important. These are not only unsightly and sometimes odorous conditions but they can also negatively affect ones health. It is not uncommon to see mold throughout a home most common in a basement, laundry room, kitchen and bathrooms as these rooms are often subjected to moisture but mold can also commonly be found in bedrooms and other rooms of the house as well. Here you will discover how to best deal with and eliminate this dangerous growth.

(Note: Be sure to read the warnings and tips below this article to ensure safety and effectiveness)

Rubber Cleaning GlovesCleaning Bucket

Supplies that you will need for Mold and Mildew Removal:

Cleaning bucket   

Stiff bristled scrub brush   

Chlorine Bleach   


Protective face mask


Preparing to Clean Up Mold and Mildew

To begin your mold and mildew removal you will first need to fill your cleaning bucket up with approximately 1 gallon of warm to slightly hot tap water. Just be sure that the water is not too hot to touch. 

Before you move on to adding the cleaner you will want to don your face mask and gloves. This is important since you are going to be using bleach which can be dangerous if the fumes are inhaled and can even burn skin if  the skin is exposed directly to the liquid or even prolonged exposure to properly diluted bleach. (**Please see additional resources below this article for bleach safety)

Once you have on your gloves and face mask you are now ready to add between 1/2 and 1 full cup of chlorine bleach to your bucket of tap water.

Before dunking your scrub brush into your mixture you should attempt removal of as much of the built up mold and mildew or other dirt, grime or soil (if applicable) using just your dry brush or another abrasive scraping tool. This step can be done prior to the above steps but it is recommended that you wear your face mask when removing wet or dry mold buildup. 

Once the build up is removed, if you used your hard bristled scrub brush, you will need to rinse off your scrub brush. Afterwards you can then dunk the cleaning brush into your bleach and water mixture, making sure to get the bristles nice and saturated. Once saturated begin scrubbing the area briskly rewetting your scrubber with the cleaning solution often to make sure the area is clean and mold or mildew free. 

Mold and mildew removal can take some time so continue this process until the unsightly growth has been removed. 

 When there is no trace of the mold problem visible and you are through scrubbing - rinse the cleaned area with cool water and dry the area thoroughly to eliminate a breeding ground for mold.


Tips for mold and mildew removal or clean up
If you have hard water or are working on a heavily soiled area change out the dirty bleach water before final clean up to ensure proper and thorough sanitation. 

    Be sure to properly dispose of any loose mold that is removed during the clean up process. This should be removed immediately from the home, preferably stored in a closed bag or container. 

Never mix bleach with any other chemicals or cleaners as the combination may produce deadly gasses. 

Avoid using on carpeted or fabric areas as it will cause discoloration. 

Always wear gloves and a safety mask to avoid inhalation and contact with skin as bleach and its fumes can burn the skin and lungs. 

Always use bleach in well ventilated areas and avoid prolonged exposure to the fumes.