The key to generating business activity from your blogs is not simply quantity. It is a combination of:

  1. quality blogs that offer insightful information;

  2. placing them in multiple locations;

  3. using effective and relative links within the blogs; and

  4. inspiring other people in your industry to quote your blogs, thus driving visitors to you and demonstrating to the search engines that you have quality content to offer.

Blogging is certainly all the rage right now, and for good reason; a great blog can drive a tremendous amount of traffic, can build a following, and can ultimately drive revenue. Think of it this many people can you talk to in a day on the phone, or even via email? Now consider that a blog that is consistently posted to, and that utilizes all of the above principals, can be read by thousands of people--people who feel they are getting to know you and your business through your blogs. You could not possibly build that many relationships, but your blog can do it for you. It's an intimate way to build relationships without having to put in the time to build them one by one.

If you don't think you have enough to say, create an "ask campaign" among current clients. Invite them to send questions they would love answers to about your business. I have an assistant who sends me a question about writing that I have to answer every day. Others hire companies like ours to actually do the blogging for them. Whatever you choose, find a topic that you are passionate a community...inspire change within that community...and then use your blog to enhance the world.

Corey Blake is Chairman of the Dream for Writers of the Round Table Inc, a writing services company located in Mundelein, IL. He has been published in Writer Magazine Script Magazine, and StartUp Nation with writing and visionary work featured on Fox News, NBC5, Sacramento and Co, Adelante (WGN Chicago), and in print such as Young Money, Hoy, La Raza, Hispanic Executive Quarterly, MovieMaker Magazine, Dance Magazine and Hollywood Screenwriter Magazine.,