I spent a month in China in 1986 when they hadn't been open to American tourists for long. Eating 3 meals a day for one month, I think we were offered flatware exactly twice. Otherwise, all the restaurants used chopsticks exclusively. After I had endured a very frustrating week of this, a Japanese gentleman took pity on me and showed me how to use the chopsticks properly. They are suprisingly easy to use if you just know how. The biggest misconception that I've found is that people expect chopsticks to move like scissors, but that's not how they are used. Watch the video below and you, too, can be using chopsticks in no time!

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P.S. Ever wonder how the Chinese people can eat so much rice using chopsticks? They make clumpy rice.

P.P.S. The Chinese are the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. I am honored to have spent time in their country. After I returned home, using chopsticks reminded me of that ancient country and the welcoming, imperturbable people. Since I developed arthritis, I don't use chopsticks very often. Thank you for letting me pass this skill on to you.