Learn Laptop Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Laptops

If the keyboard on your laptop is giving you cramps in your fingers and wrists because of its awkward mouse pad try or you just want to type faster then try using these common keyboard shortcuts. Although this is not a complete list of keyboard shortcuts it is a list of some great tips. Laptops and their keyboards are not very ergonomic. Oftentimes there are repetitive injuries because of using the computer so much, but you can ease some discomfort and quicken your writing speed by using these common laptop keyboard shortcuts. These common keyboard shortcut tips to learn how to copy, paste, highlight and take a screen shot.

Things You Will Need

computer keyboard

Step 1

Use control and the "c" button to copy text. Highlight the text with your mouse then press control and the c key. It will copy the text and save it to a clipboard that you can't see. The copy keyboard shortcut is definitely one of the most common.

Use control and the "x" keys to cut text. Highlight the text with your mouse then press control and the c key. It will copy the text and save it to a clipboard that you can't see. This is helpful when you are writing a document or article and doing editing. It is very useful on sites that have editors that isn't compatible with your browser (like using Firefox with InfoBarrel).

Use control and the "v" key to past the text that you copied or cut. These are probably the most used keyboard shortcuts whether you're using a laptop or regular keyboard.

Step 2

If you've ever had fumbling hands and made some wild keystrokes you might need to know about the shift key. On occasion, I roll my hand and start highlighting which throws the computer into a chaotic mess. You'll know this is happening because every word is being typed in all caps even though you did not turn the caps lock on. If you have turned this highlight keyboard function on by accident then you simply need to press the shift keys at the same time. Knowing this keyboard shortcut for highlighting is very helpful.

To highlight without the mouse, put the cursor in front of the word you want to start highlighting and press the shift and the right or left arrow key depending on what you're doing.

Step 3

Sometimes you want to take a picture of the computer screen without actually using your camera. Well, you can! This is called a screen shot. To take a screen shot press the "fn" key. On an HP laptop it is a button that has the fn written in blue on the bottom left side of the keyboard right next to the control and Windows key. After pressing the "fn" key look up to the top right and you'll see the "insert" key. That key also has blue writing that says "prt sc" which means print screen. Click fn then prt sc and it will copy it to an unseen clipboard. Then click on the windows key or start to open up your windows options. Go to all programs, accessories, and open up the paint program. When you open paint you will go to edit and click paste or you can use your other shortcut of control v.

Save the document just as you would any other document. Knowing how to take a screen shot will be useful for all sorts of situations. This is a laptop keyboard shortcut to remember.

Step 4

Using the keyboard shortcut to switch between open windows and programs is handy. Press the Alt key then the "tab" key. Hold down the alt button and tap the tab key and it will pop up a screen in the middle of your window showing you all of the computer's open windows and programs. This keyboard shortcut is awesome to use when you think you shut or closed a window or tab. When you use the alt-tab shortcut it switches windows and shows you every program that is still open.


Tips & Warnings

*Be careful posting screen shots on public forums. Look before uploading it. A screen shot captures all of the computer screen just as you see it, so it shows every tab you have open and may have personal information you don't mean to post.
*Don't lose your cool. There are many other keyboard shortcuts that you can learn to become a faster typist. If you have a hard time physically tying look into getting a voice recorder and the Dragon Naturally Speaking software. This will relieve aches and pains from overusing your hands, wrists, and elbows because it is a text to speech software.
*Here are some extra keyboard shortcuts that might be handy if these common laptop shortcuts are not enough for now.