From wainscoting to crown molding, decorative wood trim provides sophistication and style when added to a room. There are options for decorating with this type of embellishment that range from the traditional to unconventional. Outline your purpose for the room and the general feel you want to portray before choosing the way you'll use wood trim.

Things You Will Need

Carpentry skills

Step 1

Install wood trim where the floors and walls meet to create a defined border. This can be a fast way to take a room from dull to ultra-chic.

Step 2

Place a strip of wood trim on the wall approximately 3 feet above the floor to serve as a chair rail in a dining room. Paint the wood trim in contrast to your wall color to draw attention to the area. For example, a dark navy wall with white wood trim.

Step 3

Use decorative wood trim in a non-traditional way by painting a small mural onto the wall and framing it with the trim. This built-in picture is sure to attract attention for its unique appearance, so if you like unconventional home décor give this a try.

Step 4

Install wood trim several inches below the ceiling for a sophisticated molding effect. Crown molding tends to be made from thicker wood, but thinner strips of wood can also achieve a high-class look.

Step 5

Place wood trim around the edges of a door to define the space. Decorative wood trim around a door can either be the same color as the door or painted to match the other decorative trim in the room.

Step 6

Paint all the wood trim on your walls the same color for continuity. Inconsistent color usage can be hard on the eyes. No one wants a clashing room.

Step 7

Place wood trim with elaborate, decorative edges like scallops along your exterior roofline for a whimsical look reminiscent of a fairy tale. During the holiday season, use this feel to decorate the outside of your home in a gingerbread house theme.


Tips & Warnings

Wood trim is traditionally painted white or varnished to show off its natural grain. Don't be afraid to break away from convention and paint the trim in colors that are out of the ordinary. This can be a fun way to add life to a child's bedroom or a way to express distinctive style in a home's main room.

Decorating with wood trim is only limited by your imagination. Use it to come up with new ways of architectural expression in your home.

Unless you are an experienced carpenter, it's best to hire professionals to install the wood trim as it requires very precise measurements and cuts.