Students and Dropbox is a perfect match. Dropbox is an app which enables you to store files in the cloud, share them with others and reach them from wherever you are.

Setting up Dropbox and key features

Setting up Dropbox is fairly easy. First you download the app to your computer (whether you have a mac or windows). The next step is creating an account on With this account you can log in from now on at every computer if you have internet at least.

Key features of Dropbox:

  • Online storage. When signing up you will get instantly 2 GB of data to store on your account. You can store files over every kind here and access it from wherever you are.
  • Online sharing. You can share complete folders and separate files as well. If you share a folder the people who you will be sharing with can put files in this folder as well.
  • Smart phone app. There is an iOS app, an Android app and even a blackberry app. If you have problems with Apple's rules about putting files on your iOS device, you can do this now! This app is one of the many iPhone apps for students which make my life definitely easier!
  • 2 GB for free. And lots of options to get extra Dropbox space.

How to Use Dropbox as a Student

Dropbox & Students

Looking at the usage of Dropbox in students, this is separated in group use and personal use.

Personal use of Dropbox as a student

Personally I use Dropbox in lots of ways personally. I will list them up to make it as easy as possible.

  • Online file storage. I love that I can work from wherever I want and always having the right files. I don't use a USB key chain or something anymore, as I only use Dropbox now. Working on that research paper? No problem. Accessing my data for that research paper? Not a problem either!
  • Public folder makes you look cool. I have small classes where we have to present Powerpoint. I put these Powerpoints in the public folder of Dropbox, copy the 'public link', shorten it on to a link like '' or something and look cool when I open it up! Other people use USB ports for this, but I only need a couple of clicks on the computer.
  • Progress sharing with your supervisor. If you are working on a research or something and you have a supervisor who would like to monitor your progress, Dropbox would be a way. Just share the folder and your supervisor will be happy!
  • File organization. I've wondered for a long time how to store files as a student, Dropbox made this definitely easier.

Group usage of Dropbox as a student

Personal use is nice of course, but if you can use Dropbox in a group it will be even better. Several ways I use this:

  • Group projects easily monitored in shared folders. Whenever I am working with a group I suggest to open up a Dropbox folder. We can put every assignment in here so every will stay up to date of what needs to be done. Also to-do lists can be easily stored in here, as everybody can reach them and edit them. So if you are working on a to-do, you can finish it, upload it and scratch it off the list!
  • Committee's have even more pleasure from it! Something I hate is group emails. Reply to all isn't meant to use for serious goals. Dropbox makes it easy to prevent group emails, as the president of the committee can easily put up the agenda/minutes/action points in here. Since I work with this with my committees my inbox shrieked, big time.

These are just a couple of examples of how I use Dropbox as a student, I am really wondering about your experiences! So tell me, how do you use Dropbox as a student?