Fabric Steamer

Fabric Steamers are one of the greatest gadgets ever. They are definitely worth their money, so why not get a good one or maybe two of them in different sizes. This way you can have a back up if one goes out as well as versatility of use. If you have never owned one then you're missing out on a great way to keep fabrics clean and wrinkle free.

Fabric steamers have been around a long time and thank God now they have some that are made well and actually work correctly. For best results, it's a good idea to spend money on a good one and not go the cheap route. That is, if you care about time and efficiency, otherwise, you will have to go over and over the fabric to get the desired result.

Naturally, the fabric steamer needs to be warmed up, so you need to think ahead a bit in preparation. In 15 minutes or less it will be ready to go depending on the size of the unit. Clothes or fabrics should be hanging freely, so that you have access all the way around. A clothes/coat rack, shower rod, or even the clotheslines are all great places to hang fabrics.

While traveling as you know clothes get wrinkled this is a where the portable fabric steamer comes in. It's small and light weight as well as packs easily. A person who travels frequently should not be without one. If you're spending a lot of time sitting in meetings clothes can get wrinkled and you may need to wear that same suit or shirt again. Within minutes you can make clothes look clean and fresh with your handy steamer.

I have two sizes one portable and one for all around the house. There are so many items that need freshening up its unreal. For one thing the curtains/drapes collect dust and get dingy looking. It's best to take them down and give them a good shaking before you attempt to clean. It's also best to clean windows and ledges, so this can be quite a project.

You can also use fabric steamers on furniture the commercial ones do a better job here, but a small one will get you by. Once you get going through the house you will see things like the bed skirt, hats, stuffed animals and hard telling what else that you must steam right now. So, expect to go on a cleaning, get wrinkles out binge.

Always make sure that your unit has plenty of water, so that you don't burn it out. When doing clothes keep nozzle close, but no so close that you saturate with water. Most likely you will need to angle it several different ways to get out stubborn wrinkles as well as hold it taut with the other hand.

You may even need to steam the inner and outer, so be prepared to turn it inside out if need be. Then if it gets too wet allow it to dry and come back to it in a few minutes. Of course, it goes without saying you need to be careful a clothes steamer can get very hot and blister the skin!

As you can see fabric steamers are great for all around the house. I've even used mine to get labels off of jars. Just think outside the box a little and you may end up using it for things you never imagined.