Cover that Bad Looking Ceiling

Maybe you just moved into a old house that needs some updating, and the budget is low, but you shake your head at those ugly ceilings and wonder just how to cover those ugly or popcorn ceilings without huge mess and expense. Enter the faux tin ceiling tiles.

These have got to be the best invention yet (in my opinion of course). These faux tin ceiling tiles really look realistic and yet they are constructed of polystyrene products, that make them lightweight, easy to install and also can be painted to customize your room.

You can get these to look like the older style farmhouse kitchens, or you can modernize them, either way, they may just be the answer to that popcorn ceiling! Maybe you have a good dry ceiling that has lots of old patches on it, and it would take a lot of work to fill and sand down perfectly to get a good flat surface. These types of ceilings would benefit from the faux tin ceiling tiles.

Many people search out the antique shops and reuse centers for the original tin ceiling tiles, but you have to be careful with these older ones, as many used lead paint, which can be dangerous. So, consider the faux ones for ease of install and safety.

As long as the popcorn ceiling is not falling down, then these polystyrene faux tin ceiling tiles can be glued right on top of them. There are special adhesives you can get for gluing these faux tiles to popcorn ceilings. Just check at your local improvement store. Or you can just glue them directly to that ugly ceiling, for a quick and affordable decorating solution.

If you are gluing them to any ceiling, including covering up a popcorn ceiling, then you need to make yourself a grid, or plumb line or you can easily end up with a squint ceiling. You want these to look square for them to look their best. They fit together well once you get your lines laid out, and cut easily for around light fixtures etc.

You can log onto Youtube for videos of installing faux ceiling tiles, or check at your local home improvement store for videos and books on doing this. But since these faux tin ceiling tiles are so lightweight and easy to manage, the hardest part will be laying out the string ling or making sure you go in the straight line, after that it goes fast. You will want to have a helper, as you will need to get the tiles handed to you with the glue on them (the glue comes in tubes and you will need a caulking gun to use it).

If you have a heavy popcorn ceiling, you may want to run a broom over it to get any loose bits to fall down, as well as dusty cobwebs. I know this can be messy, but put out a plastic sheet over everything and at least you won’t be gluing your faux ceiling tiles to loose popcorn. If the popcorn ceiling has ever been painted, there should not be too many loose bits as the paint tends to seal them in. That was always the problem when it came to removing the popcorn, as the paint made them hard as rock.

Most popcorn ceilings tend to be more of a rubble. But either way, if the ceiling is in good condition, then you can put these faux tin ceiling tiles right over top of them.

You can get these polystyrene tiles from home improvement stores, but the styles and designs may be limiting. Try shopping online to see all the many styles that are available to you. Whether you want it to look like tin or copper or maybe you would rather paint them yourself, either way, there are lots to choose from online.

Amazon is also a good online place to shop for faux tin ceiling tiles. Ceiling Tile - Faux Like Tin - Anet Antique Copper Graphite 20x20"you can get away with darfaux tin ceiling tilesker looking ceiling tiles, if your ceilings are low, you can get the texture of the ceiling tile, but in white or cream to make the room feel airy.

There are all kinds of things you can do with these tiles. It has got to be one of the simplest ways to deal with a bad ceiling or those dated and yellowed popcorn ceilings. With the popcorn, you either have to scrape it off, or replace the drywall, or basically paint it and live with it. But even a modern room or kitchen can benefit from the different styles and designs of the faux tin ceiling tiles. They are not all made to look old world.

So, go shopping, online and off and take a look at all your options to redo your ceiling. Having a ceiling taken down and replaced due to bad drywall or popcorn ceilings can be expensive. This could be the best way for you to get a nice ceiling for an affordable price.  Also see Farmhouse Kitchen Tables more great ideas.