Since 2010 the micro-outsourcing niche has been growing like crazy.  The original fiverr site created a marketplace where sellers could offer buyers little gigs at a fixed price.  The gigs range from silly like writing a message on a pretty girl's tummy to article writing and fake twitter followers, all for $5.

By pre-setting the price, fiverr and it's clones eliminate the tedious parts of outsource contracting - the interviewing and price haggling. For small jobs it is just are not worth going through these steps.  

Using Fiverr & Fiverr Clones for Passive Income

Doing little gigs like creating a custom video is hardly passive income. It is not even a really good job or use of your time unless you find the gigs a lot of fun. However, if you can devise a gig that it set and forget then you are into passive income territory. 

Fivers World offers just such a passive income opportunity.  They have a section devoted to digital items.  You can create a gig that consists of delivering an electronic item - a video, ebook, PLR articles, photos, slide show, or whatever other standard product you can create and market.  Upload the file to the gig and forget it. 

Whenever someone orders your gig the site will immediately deliver the file it is holding for you to the buyer.  The order is marked complete and you get paid.  All you have to do is transfer the cash into your Paypal account occasionally.

Essentially the Fivers World site acts like an affiliate seller for you, taking 20% of the sales proceeds.  But instead of you collecting the funds and paying them out a share they collect the money and pay you your share.

Is it Just That Easy?

Now this plan is not completely without work. You need to create (or have created by someone else) a good digital product.  You also need to write a compelling summary of the product so people will order it. You still need to monitor sales and transfer cash to Paypal occasionally. But most online passive income opportunities involve some kind of product creation and promotion. Passive income is about working now and getting paid over and over for your work, not about not working at all.

Extend the Effort

If you find a winning digital product on Fivers World you can extend the marketing through recruiting conventional affiliates and listing it on other fiverr type sites (even if you have to process the orders yourself on other sites).  

You might also try presenting the product with different titles and descriptions.  You may find that one presentation is more effective then another, or that different presentations attract different types of buyers.

You might also create different versions of the product. For example, a guide to social media marketing could be tailored to small businesses and to consultants, or even more narrowly targeted at hair dressers or restaurants.  The core content is the same, but some of the introductions and examples would be different. Laser targeted marketing will set the product apart though.

You might also decide to promote your gig/product by building links to it, pointing to it with your social networking accounts and writing about your products on your blog.