Whether you choose to write and submit content to the Info Barrel website platform, or a variety of similar website platforms, your success online will be directly related to your ability to pick and choose the right keywords by which to craft each one of your articles.

Learning how to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool can be one of the most valuable skills you can learn, as a freelance writer, which, of course, if executed correctly can lead to a tremendous amount of increased monthly residual income. In fact, it wasn't until I began to master this tool that my 200+ Info Barrel articles REALLY began to earn upwards of $30-$50 EACH per month. If done correctly, your results can mirror these results, however, you need to know exactly what make the search engines tick in order to be successful.

Things You Will Need

Step 1

In order to use Google Adwords Keyword tool, when crafting your latest Info Barrel article, you must first begin by opening up a completely new tab on your Internet browser (Internet Explorer? Firefox?). This can be done simply by navigating to the upper left hand side of your computer screen and clicking (with your mouse) the 'File' tab and then clicking 'New Tab'. I have included a direct clickable link to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool in my "Things You Will Need" section. I have assigned a "new" attribute to it, so, when you click on it, it will open in an entirely different screen. At this point, you can use and learn this tool in conjunction with reading this article.

Step 2

Upon opening to Google Adwords Keyword Tool in a separate browser screen, you will now want to do a query for words that are of interest to you. Explore your own interests, experiences, and even derive inspiration from the environment around you. Wherever you are currently situated, whether it be in an office, living room, or kitchen, look around you at objects that may be items of consideration for a keyword search. Type that word in. Bear in mind that Google receives billions upon billions of searches daily, and that number only increases with each day. Just about anything you can think of, no matter how bizarre or obscure, has more than likely been searched for before on Google.

Step 3

Once you type in your words or phrase for your Keyword Tool query, you may be presented with a CAPTCHA, in which you will have to type in the provided letter/number combination in order to confirm that you are, in fact, a human, and before you can go any further in this process. Of particular interest, on your left hand side, are currently two options regarding how you would like to generate keyword ideas. While the most common is the default query through "descriptive words and phrases", you can also generate keyword ideas related to a particular website's "content".

Had you queried "http://www.infobarrel.com", while having the "website content" option clicked, you would currently be greeted with a wealth of very highly searched keywords related to the recent (at the time of this writing) unfortunate tragedy in Haiti. As you can see, these results are directly related to the current front page post about Haiti.

Step 4

If you do choose to generate your keyword ideas as a result of "Website Content", you can further choose to "Include other pages on my site linked from this URL" or "Filter My Results". Had you queried "http://www.infobarrel.com", yet chose to filter the keyword "Haiti", none of your results would include the word "Haiti". Try it.

At this time, while you may want to explore more advanced uses of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, everything you need to be successful on Info Barrel can be done by simply using the "Descriptive Words or Phrases" on the left hand of the screen.

Step 5

SEO Guide for InfoBarrelSuccess Once you type in your keyword or phrase of interest, you will have to click "Get Keyword Ideas".

At this point, whether you query "pizza" or billions of other possibly keyword and phrase combinations, you will be greeted with a long list of "stuff" that can actually look quite intimidating to someone who is completely new to using this tool. Everything you do from this point on will determine whether or not your Info Barrel articles earning alot, or only just scraps. Use this tool right and you could be sitting on articles that earn you $30-$50 EACH per month.

Unfortunately, I can't explain all of the intricate "behind the scenes" workings of this tool in just this one Info Barrel article. For this reason, Jason (Info Barrel username: jcmayer777) and I have spoken in great depths about this Tool in our SEO (for Increased Search Engine Visibility) Guide, which is quite lengthy, and is included as one of six books in our Info Barrel Success eBook Course.

Master this tool and you'll know EXACTLY what you have to do to make search engines tick to the tune of huge revenue generated each month.

Step 6

Your queried word or phrase will produce a rather large table with quite a few results. In each column you will notice a different piece of data that, while different, all serve a very valuable role when absorbed and analyzed in conjunction. No piece of data should be considered in isolation from other data.

Ultimately, we want you, the Info Barrel writer, to earn as much money as you possibly can. You can only do this if you consider all this data in combination. IF you can do this correctly, you will be able to do what the thousands of other writers fail to do because they simply don't understand this tool. It is one thing to use this tool, however, if you don't TRULY understand it, you won't earn as much as you should.

When I first began writing for Info Barrel, I was under the false assumption that I could just weave words together eloquently and make alot of money. After writing well over 150+ (very well written) articles, and learning some really great tools and techniques, did I really understand what I needed to do to earn on my articles online. You can do what I did and exert a tremendous amount of energy towards writing those 150+ articles, or you can learn from Jason and I, in our eBook course, and discover how you can start crafting single articles that earn $30, $50, or higher, in monthly residual income A PIECE.

Step 7

When you query a word such as "Pizza", you will receive either "Keywords related to term(s) entered - sorted by relevance" or "Additional keywords to consider - sorted by relevance". The first result that will appear, at the time of this writing, is "Best Pizza".

In your second, "Advertiser Competition" column, you will see that "Best Pizza", along with the next few results ALL have a Very high advertiser competition. By clicking on the column titles, you change how the data is presented and arranged. For example, if you click on "KEYWORDS", you will have all your keywords placed in alphabetical order displayed on your Table. If you click on the column header "ADVERTISER COMPETITION", you will be presented with the all your "Very High Advertiser Competition" first.

Step 8

Now, you are probably wondering what keywords are "BEST" to use, right? While most would just pick the first few choices and write articles about them, that necessarily isn't what will generate the best revenue for you. While having a 'full' advertiser competition bar may look or seem appealing for keyword selection, that necessarily isn't the case because with high advertiser competition comes a ton of people who will be producing content revolving around those particular keywords. Big companies and corporations will be all fighting for those keywords.

They will have Search Engine Optimization specialists doing everything they possibly can to rank for those keywords. You have to understand that this is a huge huge business and, if a company can rank high for the most frequently searched keywords, then they stand a significant chance at developing brand name recognition, and making loyal customers and sales. While you can do it, I wouldn't recommend writing an Info Barrel article using the keywords "Best Pizza". Noone will see your article....ever....and, you will never gain revenue from it unless you actively promote it yourself.

Your ultimate goal should be to get your articles ranking high where you won't have to do a significant amount of external advertising and promotion. Why waste that time that could be spent writing other articles that earn alot, as well?

Keyword analysis can be done to no end. If you know the fundamental aspects of Google Adwords Keyword Tool, you have a great foundation for which to really start making real money on your Info Barrel articles. You need to make your articles work for you, and not the other way around. Unfortunately, I can't possibly cover everything I need to cover in just one article.

Tips & Warnings

I have found querying Google Keyword Adwords Tool with simply "how to" to be particularly interesting. There is a reason why so many websites have been birthed as a result of providing "how to" article to the general public, and that is because "how to" articles make up quite a substantial amount of searches. If you query "how to", you will be given a plethora of awesome possibilities for article titles. Grab one of these possible article titles and begin crafting your newest Info Barrel article today!

A tool called "Micro Niche Finder" is great, as well, however, Jason and I did not mention that in our eBook course simply because it will incur you, the Info Barrel writer, a cost. While this is "worth it", we strongly believe that you can do great with just the Google Adwords Keyword Tool alone. Once you begin seriously earning on your articles, you can make an investment in the "Micro Niche Finder" if you would like to.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....