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If you want to locate information quickly, Google has devised a number of easy to use shortcuts that will help you. Just type what you are looking for into the Google search box on your browser, and it will immediately show you the answer or take you directly to the desired map or listing you requested. You do not need to use quotation marks in the Google search box. Listed below are some popular shortcuts that you may find useful. Keep this handy list near your computer, so you can refer to it often!

Google Shortcuts Save Time

Google Calculator

The Google search box on your browser can be used as a handy little calculator. All you need to do is type your math problem into the box and the answer will pop up below. You don't even need to pull up a virtual calculator. For example, if you type 147 + 572 into the Google search box, just below your problem you will see another box pop open with: = 719. It's a quick way to find the answer. If you wish to multiply, use the * sign between the numbers. When you want to divide, use the / sign. You can also find out the percent of another number. You do this by simply writing: 15% of 100. The answer = 15 will be displayed below.

This calculator will also assist you in performing more advanced mathematical computations, as well. It will help you find the square root of a number and even logarithms. If you want to find out how to use the shortcuts for advance math, check out

Math Conversions

Are you trying to convert money? All you need to do is type in a phrase, such as: dollar in euros. On the search page, a chart will be displayed, showing the fluctuations of the euro since 2007. Next to the chart is the value of the euro at the current time. On the day I looked, it showed that one dollar was worth .7733 euros. You can use this conversion shortcut for other currencies, as well.

Would you like to convert pints into ounces for a recipe? Type: pint in ounces. Just below it will display: 16 ounces. You can also use this convenient shortcut to find out the feet in a mile, pints in a gallon, or to convert our American mathematic system into the metric system, which is used virtually everywhere else in the world.

How to Find the Time in another Time Zone

If you want to find out what time it is in another part of the country … or even the world … just type the name of the city or country, followed by the word "time" in the Google box, and it will give you the answer. For example, type the words London time in the box, hit the search button, and it will display the current time in London, at the top of a list of related articles on the search page.

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Google Shortcut for Phone Numbers and Addresses

Skip the phone book. Google has an easy way to find a phone number. Just enter the person's name and either their city and state, or their zip code into the search box, and hit the search button (or enter). A "phonebook results" list will provide you with all the names, addresses and phone numbers that meet your criteria.

This search also works as a reverse directory. In other words, you can enter an area code and phone number, and find out who has that number.

Map Shortcut

Do you quickly want to quickly locate an address, or get directions? Just enter the address into the Google search box, and the results page that appears below will include a map. Although not all countries are included, many are. Google maps often include photos of the area and sometimes the street view. On the map, you will also be given the option of getting the directions to the location, as well.

Shortcut for Finding a Movie

This is one of my favorite shortcuts.  I use it at least once a month.

Want to know what is showing at your local movie theater? Type in the words: movies in _____ (your zip code). The movie information will be listed on the search screen.

Google Shortcut for Stock Quotes

Want to find out how much your Google stock is worth … or any other stock you might own? Type in the symbol followed by the word stock, and the price will be shown on the search results page, below. The page will also display a chart revealing the stock's fluctuations that day, as well as a little other information.

Google Definitions

Wonder what a word means? Just type: define ______ in the search box, and Google will provide you with the definition. One advantage this has over a dictionary is that you can type in phrases, as well as individual words. So, if a slang expression is leaving you confused, Google may be able to clear things up for you. Instead of the word "define," you can also start your search by typing in "what is" or "what are."

Google Weather

Are you planning a picnic and you want the weather forecast right now? Enter the word weather in the search box, followed by your zip code. The forecast for the next four days will be immediately revealed. This is also handy if you are planning a trip, and you want to know what the weather is like at your destination.

Google Flight Tracking Information

Headed to the airport to pick up a friend? Type in the name of the airline and the flight number, and Google will give you the flight status, which allows you to skip the hassle of using the airline's website.

How to Track a Package

If you have your UPS, FedEx or post office tracking number for your package, you can type that number into your search box, hit search or enter, and you'll quickly find out where your package is. This is a real convenience during the holidays, if you are trying to keep track of several packages! Small businesses that do a lot of mailing, such as the individuals who sell books through and similar websites, will also enjoy the convenience of this shortcut.

How to Learn About More Complicated Google Shortcuts

Some of the Google shortcuts may require more in-depth research than you will find in this article. For example, you may want to use the Google calculator to do advanced mathematics such as trigonometry. If you are looking for additional shortcuts that may not be listed here, you can go to where you can read the detailed explanations of the more advanced calculations or searches you can perform using Google.

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