gutter-guardsBlocked gutters can not only damage your house façade but also cause the roof to drip and worse still, result in horrendous odors too. There are times in the year when the gutters seem to fill up much faster than usual and even though you may feel like you are only imagining this, it is in fact true. Autumn is known to clog gutters more often than other seasons and this is why gutter guards are highly recommended for those who find that their gutters clog up very often and need cleaning several times a year.

Some tips to help you use gutter guards to keep your gutters clean are listed below –

  1. Type – There are many types of gutter guards and it is important to pick the one most appropriate to your needs. So while in one case a mesh gutter guard may work best, another situation could demand a reverse curve and yet another problem can call for a bottle brush gutter guard. So it is crucial that you understand the various types of gutter guards and choose wisely so as to prevent your gutters from clogging.
  2. Cleaning frequency- Understand that gutter guards are not going to ensure absolutely clean gutters since they do not prevent all types of debris from entering the gutters. However, it is true that these guards are effective in bringing down the number of cleanings required each year since they do prevent a lot of muck from entering the gutter guard.
  3. Installation – A large part of making sure that your gutter guards work, is installing them properly. It is best that a professional is hired to do the task, since incase the installation is not correct, the purpose of the guards will be defeated.
  4. Maintenance – Once the gutter guards have been installed properly, you can definitely be assured that your gutters will not need to be cleaned as frequently as before. However, it is a fact that your gutter guards will also demand some maintenance. So when you do clean your gutters, make sure you clean the gutter guards too, so that they continue to work effectively.

Gutter guards are no doubt great tools when looking to keep your gutters clean. However, it is important to make an informed decision in these cases. Right from selecting the type of gutter guard to considering the cost factor; make sure you research each factor thoroughly.