What is acid reflux? It's a range of stomach-related conditions from gas and wind, reflux - or the flow back of stomach acids back up your food pipe, even up to your throat and mouth, stomach pains, a sore throat and the tendency to have to burp a lot.

If you are experiencing acid reflux disease symptoms (or GERD) frequently and you do not want to take too much prescription medication or even over-the-counter treatments for fear of side effects, and it isn't so bad that you require surgery for acid reflux, then you could consider alternative treatments such as an acid reflux homeopathic remedy.

There are a few acid reflux herbs which help aid digestion

Fennel: fennel seeds contain anethole which suppress stomach spasms which can be one of the most disturbing symptoms of acid reflux. Fennel has many other benefits beyond aiding digestion - it's one of those super herbs. For example, it can also help fix bad breath. Chew some fennel seeds slowly after a meal

Ginger Root: ginger root helps to absorb the acids in the stomach. Take a ginger root capsule after your meal

Chamomile: chamomile helps you digest food and reduce the production of gastric acids. Chamomile is both an antioxidant and an antiseptic. Drink a calming cup of chamomile tea in the evening.

Apple Cider Vinegar: it might taste acidic but apple cider vinegar actually helps to cure acid problems. Add a little bit to a glass of water and sip slowly

Meadowsweet: meadowsweet has long been recognized as a homeopathic treatment for heartburn and hyperacidity. Meadowsweet acts like an antiacid to soothe the digestive tract.

Corydalis: corydalis extract helps to relieve pain and treat painful abdominal disorders including stomach ulcers, nausea and spasms

Peppermint: it's no surprise that peppermint is often served as an after dinner candy or mint. Peppermint relieves intestinal gas and promotes burping. Peppermint also contains anti-bacterial qualites to neutralize the micro-bacteria which may cause bad breath or food poisoning.

With all homeopathic remedies, what works for some people does not work for others. Any homeopathic herbal remedies should not be taken long-term without consultation with an expert. It's a good idea to seek out a local homeopathic doctor for advice and treatment anyway no what health condition you suffer from. And it will make all the difference to combine any GERD homeopathic treatments with lifestyle and diet changes including:

  • avoiding stress
  • eating large meals without chewing properly
  • avoid an excess of acidic food such as tomatoes
  • eating a lot of greasy, oily food. Acid reflux foods to avoid include tomatoes, donuts, cakes, pastries, deep fried food
  • smoking
  • drinking too much alcohol
  • drinking too many carbonated or fizzy drinks
  • eating a large meal and then going straight to bed
  • being overweight
  • keep a food diary and write down what food makes you feel worse than others

Plus: try relaxing on acid reflux pillow wedges if your GERD symptoms are worse in the evenings.

If you don't treat your GERD, either with homeopathic treatments or conventional ones, it may lead to long-term stomach problems even cancer. There are even acid reflux surgery options. Look into solutions for your acid reflux today and feel healthy again.