For some the usual ways of walking away from an argument (time out) or trying to find a solution to the issue instead of becoming angry back just isn’t enough. A large section of the population has anger issues that require some form of extra help so that they can become successful at dealing with their anger in a practical way that does not hurt or emotionally harm anyone else. All too often we find that we have said things to loved ones that we regret but have spoken in temper, that we have said things at work that we regret as it either costs us our jobs or puts our jobs in jeopardy. Road rage is a massive issue which not only drivers suffer from passengers can also become violent and angry by another driver for cutting them off or behaving unfairly. The most common of all anger flare ups is when you do something for someone and they do not say “thank you” or do anything to recognize the effort you just made, being the decent human being that you are, over 80% of cases are related to this one instance alone.


If the traditional steps have not worked for you then you can move on to the next form of self-treatment: hypnosis. Hypnosis is learned by yourself via certain websites or courses that you can attend or via a licensed hypnotist who will used their hypnosis techniques to turn down your anger responses to a level that is manageable. Self-hypnosis is becoming more and more popular and hypnosis training can now be completed from the comfort of your own home.


Visualization is a form of hypnotism which you can easily learn how to do without much effort; you can then over time increase your power of visualization to control your anger as you learn hypnosis. In order for you to begin a visualization or self-hypnosis session you need to choose a time where you can be completely on your own without any distractions. Finding the right place to start can be hard but most people feel at comfort in their bedrooms. Always take your pets out of the room and set aside a good ten minutes to begin with a side for you to find your safe place where you can begin your hypnotic techniques. Some people at this point like to light candles and/or josh sticks but that really is a personal choice, you have to be comfortable and at complete ease for this to work. Next arrange some pillows or cushions so that you can rest easily either sat up or led down, everyone is different.


To begin with it is best to start with some easy breathing techniques such as in through the nose out through the mouth; this allows you to clear your mind making it ready for the suggestions to begin to be put into place. Once you feel completely calm and are performing the breathing technique competently it is time to start imagining your “safe place” this is someone in your imagination, memory etc where you can feel safe and warm, it is here that all of the main work will be done. In order for you to control your anger you need to imagine scenarios where it would normally make you angry but the difference here is that you are going to imagine all you dealing with the issue calmly and without malice or anger.  Practice will have you performing this self-hypnotism regularly and successfully in no time!