A free and reliable resource, Indeed is constantly updated with new position postings and helping job searchers find the best available opportunities. 


The search fields on Indeed are not unlike any other job board search bars. On the first page, there are two fields: what and where.

The field, position title, or skills go in the what. And location in the where field. In the advanced search setting, it is possible to refine the phrases and place.

Applying Job SearchCredit: pixabay

Applying to a job position on Indeed is a simple process. For some job postings, it is possible to apply directly instead of being redirected to a third party site. These postings are marked with an orange Easily Apply button. Within these posts, below the job description there will an orange Apply Now button.

Easily Apply 

This button brings a pop-up page where you will be asked to fill in your name, email, phone number (optional), a tab to upload your resumé, and a box for a message (optional). Unless otherwise stated, it is best to send documentation in pdf format, the most widely accessible format.

For positions that do not have the Easily Apply option, more often than not the posting will direct you to their or a hiring organization’s online database.

I've found these postings to be extremely convenient. It allows for fluid application, clearing the way to move onto the next posting. 

Third-Party Hiring Sites

Expect to create an account for these sites. This typically requires email verification and uploading documentation. Some go as far as to require manually imputing your resumé and employment history.

There are also many sites that will not have you create an account or manually input your information. However, always expect to submit your resumé and a cover letter. 

From my experience, these site take more time to fill out and submit and they also, on average,e take longer to respond to applicants. But overall the process is clear and easily executed.

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Cover Letter

It is more common than not a job application will request a cover letter, or something about it, from the applicant.

This could present itself either by asking for an uploaded document (pdf, docx) or providing a text box in which the applicant is able to write something.

Optional Cover Letter

Many times employers will have this be an optional component - it is best to take the opportunity. It is highly recommended to take advantage of the chance to address your skills and experiences that are not conveyed in your resumé. 

Save Time, Be Prepared

A good method is to develop a solid core body of a cover letter that can be applied to multiple positions. It is best to have an introductory paragraph tailored to the position. 

When on a job search, you will be applying to multiple positions within your career field. It will save time, but more importantly not having to constantly rewrite an entire letter will allow you to apply to a high multiple of what you'd otherwise be able to apply.