the Evasive Apostrophe

Escaping Our Minds for Decades

With the inclusion of a simple apostrophe, the differentiation between the words "its" and "it's" are frequently misused at all levels of education on unto teachers themselves. Despite being taught this fundamental grammar rule as early as grade school, some forget to use an apostrophe because of either sheer laziness or simply missunderstanding why an apostrophe is used, itself, in the first place. You need not be afraid of this subtle grammar discrepancy. The following InfoBarrel article wil provide you with the tips necessary tol help you to use both the contraction "it's", and the possessive pronoun "its", correctly,

Even with an apostrophe, some people inherently find it difficult to think in terms of a single word, like "it's", actually being a combination of two words. When reading this contraction, it is important to remember that "it's", like other contractions, is a combination of the words "it" and the words "is" or "has". In the English language, the conjunction is available in order to simplify writing, while serving as a tool by which to help a writer refrain from all the extra additional letters that can be integrated into a paper or document over its entire contents. In this case, it isn't an absolute necessity that the conjunction "it's" be used. Instead, it is entirely permissable to use "it is" or "it has" whenever "it's" would be used.

If you do choose to use the conjunction "it's", be sure to actually read it to yourself, as two words, while writing, reviewing, or editing. For example, the sentence "The animal ate it's dinner." would be read as "The animal ate it is dinner.". As you can see, when written or read as two different words, the conjunction "it's" just simply doesn't make sense in certain grammarical contexts.

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