Writing a killer resume combines several ideas and concepts that maximize your chances of getting it noticed and having it serve it's purpose - to get you the interview.

You can learn a lot about writing a killer resume by studying the techniques that successful internet marketers use when crafting your resume. Internet marketers are very focused on the use of keyword maximization techniques when crafting their campaigns. To maximize their results they make sure they use the keywords that people searching the internet are using. Specificity is key here. Think about searches you have done on the internet. Lets say you are looking for a vitamin product to improve your immune system. Look at the search results for the following four Google searches.

* Healthy Vitamins - 18,600,000

* Vitamin C - 14,000,000

* Vitamin C Immune System - 2,330,000

* Vitamin C Improved Immune System - 343,000

As you can see, as you get more specific, you get less results and very importantly, they are more targeted results. You can use this principal in your resume writing and job searching.

When you are applying for a job in response to a specific add, make sure your resume and cover letter target and respond to specific keywords in the ad. You want to be as specific as possible while being truthful and honest about your skill set. For instance if the ad is looking for someone to negotiate real estate leases for a fast food sub sandwich chain. If you have that exact experience for a competitor, you need to say it in both your cover letter and objective. If you have experience negotiating fast food leases for a burger chain, you are pretty close and need to say what you have done. If you have negotiated real estate lease but for office, discuss your real estate and negotiating skills and tie them to what the recruiter wants as closely as possible. If you have extensive negotiating skills in another arena, all hope is not lost. The way to get in the game on this job is to highlight your negotiating skills and then entice the recruiter to give you a shot by mentioning your skills at learning new areas on your jobs. This approach gives the recruiter a way to consider you. You don't have exactly the skills, but you have similar skills and a passion for learning.

So when applying for jobs in today's highly competitive world, make sure to individually customize your resume and cover letter to target keywords in the recruiters ad. These keywords will draw attention to you and your skill set and improve your chances of getting interviewed.