There are many things you can do with those brightly-colored plastic eggs besides letting them scatter around the house to be crunched under foot. Here are some ideas!

Things You Will Need

Leftover plastic Easter Eggs

Step 1

Very small children will enjoy having egg hunts for days to come. They won't mind about not having candy inside, and you can always put small crackers or dried cereal in the eggs for a treat.

Step 2

For older children, or even for your spouse, put a short note telling them you love them and you hope their day is great, along with a small treat inside the egg. Tuck it into briefcases, backpacks or lunch bags.

Step 3

Use larger eggs in a carton to organize beads, safety pins, thumbtacks, and small supplies. You can also use them to organize vitaman or prescription drugs (Keep out of reach of children!) and pantyhose, instead of leaving it in the drawer to get snagged and snarled.

Step 4

Let kids glue on pipe cleaners, googly eyes and felt pieces to make crazy animals. They can also use them to cut round shapes into play dough.

Step 5

Fill with potpurri put in drawers or your glove compartment to keep them smelling nice, the small holes that vent the eggs let out the scent a small amount at a time.

Step 6

Use larger ones to cut out round biscuits, cookies, and the perfect sized hole for "toad in the hole" sandwhiches.
Or, simply save them back for next year's egg hunt so you don't have to buy them again!

Tips & Warnings