The lady of the home sweet home, has to face trying situations in her kitchen. What to do with the leftover food is one regular challenge. Many times, lot of cooked rice remains unconsumed. This situation arises particularly after throwing a party or after family gatherings or in holiday celebrations.

Any wise and thrifty lady will not like to throw away this leftover cooked rice. There are many innovative ways to reuse this leftover rice. I am going to write two very easy methods.

If you are very busy and cannot spare time, just recook the leftover rice in the following way;

Things You Will Need

Things you will need: Rice cooker, Regular bowl for cooking rice, One cup raw rice, One cup leftover cooked rice & One and half cup water.

Step 1

Method: In the bowl, put washed raw rice, leftover cooked rice and water. Place the bowl in rice cooker and pressurecook the rice as usual on medium heat.
Let the cooker cool for 10 to 15 minutes. Open its lid. Serve the rice as fresh rice.

Step 2

Sometimes, you have little extra time for using this leftover rice. Then you can make a very tasty snack out of it as described below:

Things you need: A frying pan, One cup leftover cooked rice, two teaspoons of any edible oil, Half teaspoon of turmeric powder, Half teaspoon of cumin seeds (or spices of your choice),
One small onion cut in small pieces, A few sprints of coriander (or herbs of your choice) and salt to taste.

Method: Add oil in the frying pan. Keep the pan on medium heat. Add the cumin seeds and turmeric powder to the hot oil in the pan.
Add onion pieces. Put salt and saute till the onion gets cooked. Then add the leftover rice. Stir it to mix well and after two minutes, remove the pan from the heat.
Garnish with coriander sprints and serve the rice snack.

In this way the leftover rice can be recycled as a tasty breakfast.

Tips & Warnings

Tip for making rice snack more spicy, yet healthy: Together with onion or in place of it, you can use chopped garlic (3-4 pods).
Tip for making the dish more colorful: Add one chopped tomato along with onion.