muscle building supplementsMuscle building supplements are a great addition to your bodybuilding regimen, especially if you have a hard time gaining muscle. Some people, even with the best workout program and best equipment simply cannot gain muscle. Use muscle building supplements to get over this hurdle and get huge!

Why use muscle building supplements?

The body needs 3 main things to grow muscle; stimuli, sleep and fuel. The first two are easy, just workout hard and sleep like a log. Feeding our bodies can be difficult though, with work, school and other responsibilities getting in the way. If you workout religiously and sleep well but just can't get the time to properly feed your body,  muscle building supplements are the key to your success.

Protein - The most important of the muscle building supplements

Without a doubt the most important muscle building supplements are protein shakes and bars. Experts recommend you get 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. This can be extremely difficult to achieve just by eating basic meals, unless you want to eat steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Use muscle building supplements such as protein bars and shakes to achieve this goal.  Generally speaking a protein shake in the morning and one following your workout plus one or two protein bars during the day are all it takes to achieve your protein intake for the day.

There are a few different types of protein muscle building supplements. Slow absorbing protein shakes are great to take before you go to sleep. Use the fast absorbing protein muscle building supplements about a 1/2 hour before you workout to feed your muscles.

Vitamins - An overlooked but important addition to your muscle building supplements

Most bodybuilders take a simple multivitamin every day because that's what's recommended for the average person. You are not average though.  You workout like an animal and eat tons of protein so a vitamin designed for a normal person just doesn't cut it.  Use vitamins designated as muscle building supplements, they have much more of what you need to get huge. The animal pak is the most popular and effective of vitamin paks designated for muscle building.

Nitric Oxide muscle building supplements

Nitric oxide, or NO is one of the more popular muscle building supplements in use today. This muscle building supplement works by dialating the blood vessels in your body, thus allowing you to get more food and oxygen to your muscles while you workout. Don't worry, NO is already present in your body and you get small amounts of it every day from the foods you eat, taking this muscle building supplement just increases the levels providing more benefit to your body. The more popular brands of these muscle building supplements are Gespari and NO-xplode.

Creatine - Last but certainly not the least important of the muscle building supplements

Creatine is a natural occuring substance found in many foods, and, when used as muscle building supplements it's effect is amazing. Simply put, creatine improves your performance and has proven body building results in as little as two weeks!  What creatine does is allow your muscles to hold more fuel, thus delaying the onset of muscle failure during your workouts.  By delaying muscle failure you'll be able to punch out a few more reps of each exercise and have a more intense and effective workout.

Conclusion on muscle building supplements

At the very least you should use all three of the body building supplements I've listed here, do this and I guarantee you will get some amazing muscle building results quickly. I should also say that you should read the labels on all muscle building supplements carefully and of course consult with a physician before starting any diet or weight loss program.

In addition to using supplements I recommend you read this great guide that will help you in with your quest to build muscle quickly and get huge.