Accu-Chek makes a variety of high blood sugar glucose monitors, solutions, lancets and strips. One such model of lancet devices is the Accu-Chek Multiclix that works with the Multiclix lancets. This lancet device is used to prick the skin to draw a small blood sample with minimal discomfort done quickly. Once the sample is drawn it can be placed on a test strip for testing in a blood glucose monitor. Note that the Multiclix is not a glucose monitor, it does not read blood sugar levels. Instead it collects a blood sample for testing.


The first task is to remove the Multiclix cover cap. After it is removed by twisting you can put a full lancet drum (filled with sterile lancets) that are designed specifically by Accu Chek for the Multiclix device. The end of the drum with the blue ring should be inserted first. It will click into place.


Put the cap back on and twist to lock the drum into place and release the first lancet. You can always see how many lancets are left by looking at the small line indidicator on the side of the Multiclix device. When two red stripes appear the drum needs to be replaced. 


For the actual blood glucose testing you’ll need to clean your hands with soap and warm water. Let your hands dry and make sure your testing hand is relaxed. 

Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meters Require a Taken Blood Sample on a LancetCredit: By Penarc (my own picture) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Once your hand is prepared you’ll need to set the depth control on the Multiclix called a penetration level. This allows you to set how far the needle will prick for a sample. For those with thin skin you want a shallower level while those with thick skinned users need a deeper penetration level. 


Take your testing finger so the fingerprint side is facing you. Massage and gently squeeze the tip to increase blood flow to the tip. Squeeze your finger just under the first joint after the fingernail for a few seconds.


Position to piercing end of the Multiclix unit against the side of the finger. The side allows for good blood flow with a little less discomfort than the fingertip itself. Press the main button and wait a couple of seconds. Slowly move the device away from the finger and carefully collect a small amount of blood onto a waiting test strip. Insert the strip into your blood glucose monitor to get a reading.


Clean off the Multiclix device after each use with mild soap and water. Do not drop the lancet device in water or use bleach. Use some 70 percent isopropyl alcohol weekly to clean the tip and the inside of the cap. 


Keep a few things in mind when using your Accu-Check Multiclix lancet device:


Don’t reuse lancet tips and don’t remove the lancet drum before it is empty.


Don’t share lancet tips and don’t use a lancet if it has come out of the drum prematurely. 


Always consult with your doctor before using new health devices and blood sugar testing devices.