Using some of the numerous natural remedies to control mosquitos are a much better choice for our family members, our pets, and our environment. There are a number of these remedies that have better results than some of the toxic and harmful chemical containing products available on the market.

Mosquitos do not like the scent of lemon. A very good spray for the yard is to mix equal parts of lemon dish soap. lemon ammonia, and lemon juice. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle or a 20 gallon sprayer. Spray the yard every two weeks and you will not have a problem with these very annoying insects. Keeping your grass cut short is another good method for keeping these insects at bay.

Put out a number of purple martin bird houses in the yard as they eat their weight in mosquitos each night. Catnip planted in the yard is a very powerful mosquito repellent. It is said catnip is more effective than DEET. Rosemary is another excellent plant which works much like catnip does. Mosquitos do not like the scent of ageratum's or marigold's. Build or add a bat house since bats love to eat mosquitos. Replace white light bulbs in your outdoor light fixtures with yellow or yellow-orange light bulbs.

Adding BT which stands for bacillus thuringiensis, fountains, bird baths and other standing water areas works as an excellent repellent to mosquitos. It is a natural and harmless substance that is safe to use around children, pets, birds, and fish.

A wonderful essential oil mosquito repellent is made by adding 10 drops of any of the following listed oils to two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Stir to blend well and store in a glass bottle. Essential oils you can use are basil, cloves, geranium, rosemary, lemon balm, onion, garlic, and fever few. Any of these are excellent at keeping mosquitos at bay.