The skin, being the largest organ on your body, requires care in order to keep it vibrant, fresh, and youthful. The market offers a wide variety of skin products that claim to "make you look ten years younger," or "vanish acne in two weeks." While this may be true, these products can often be expensive and heavy on the wallet. The use of natural remedies, which can be whipped up in your kitchen, have proven to provide your skin with low-cost and amazing benefits. Many people think of natural remedies as something they have to buy at a health store or grow in a garden, but it can be as easy as using every day food items that are common in your household. Through my teen years I struggled with acne and oily skin, and after trying everything from prescription medications too numerous skin care products, I decided to begin my own journey to find the secret behind beautiful skin. Acne, oily, and dry skin doesn't have to be something that you struggle with for years, following these various suggestions that I provide, I hope you can benefit tremendously and find satisfaction in your skin.

The first point I would like to stress is the importance of drinking water, and lots of it. Water flushes out your system, ridding your body of toxins that build up in your body. Drinking between eight to ten tall glasses of water a day proved to have a great effect on my skin. I cut out all soda and juices, which were full of sugar and encouraged the growth of bacteria. I also started to cut out greasy foods such as French Fries and chips which increased the amount of oil on my skin. The combination of drinking more water and cutting out greasy food helped to clear up my skin from the inside out. Continually remind yourself during the day to keep your body well hydrated by drinking a great deal of fluids, mainly water.

There are many common household foods that you can use to treat your skin that result in a youthful and supple appearance. Surprisingly, the use of eggs has many benefits. Being a high source of protein, eggs provide excellent nourishment to your skin. For everyone with oily skin, follow this remedy to tighten your pores and rid your skin of oil and grease. The thought of putting egg on your face might at first sound disgusting and gross, but try it out and you will be pleased from the results. The trick is to take an egg and use only the egg white. Spread the egg white over your face and let it stay on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with water, and you will be amazed from the benefits, not only will your pores be tighter but the amount of oil and grease on your face will be greatly decreased.

Another great product that is used to relieve inflammation and decrease swelling is cucumber. Cucumber, which is filled with anti-oxidants, has excellent hydrating and nourishing effects. To use it for your skin, blend one small cucumber in a blender and apply it to your face for 15 minutes. You can also chop up two round pieces of cucumbers and apply them over your eyes. This will help to reduce any puffiness or swelling around your eyes. Not only does the mask feel calm and soothing, but the results are very impressive. I saw results after using this mask 2-3 times a week and was amazed how the inflammation in my skin decreased.

You may have heard of using apple cider vinegar in salad dressings, or stir fries, but apple cider vinegar also has many unique benefits to your skin. Apple cider vinegar is filled with enzymes which actually rid your skin of dead skin cells acting as a natural exfoliant. It also results in more supple and moisturized skin. To make this mask use 2-3 cups of water with 1/2 cup of apple cider. Wash your face with the mask, allowing it to stay on for 1-2 minutes, and rinse it off with cool water. You can also add this mixture into your bath to use it as a natural exfoliant for your whole body.

There are many different fruits that are used to clear up your skin, and help to give you a confidence boost as you see the amazing results. Fruits are known for their wide range of benefits for inner health, but they also have surprising effects on the skin. The use of ground orange peel mixed with water can be used as a paste that is applied to your acne, and can be kept on through-out the night. This product might not produce immediate results, but used over the course of a couple of weeks has many benefits.

Papaya is another fruit that is filled with enzymes that can be used as a natural face exfoliant. With the use of fruit as a natural product it saves your skin from many products that contain harsh chemicals that dry out and can even damage your skin. To make a papaya mask use 1/4 of a ripe papaya with one and a half teaspoons of aloe vera gel. The combined effects of the papaya and aloe vera cool and naturally take of dead cells from your skin. Allow the mask to stay on your face for twenty minutes and then wash off with cool water.

Lastly, the use of exercise has many added benefits for your skin. At first you might think that it will have the opposite effect as exercising causes you to sweat, but at the same time it helps to open up your pores. Exercising also helps to increase the circulation through-out your body which increases the oxygen to your skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Through the combination of drinking water, using natural face masks, and exercising I hope that you see wonderful benefits in your skin. Bad skin doesn't have to be something you live with, it can always be turned into something beautiful.