...and build the next branch of your online business

Niche Finder was recently updated to include a really amazingly convenient function which allows you to conduct domain research within the software. The way this happens is smooth and complication free. By linking up with Domain Face within the software, Niche Finder allows you to do you normal keyword research to identify a niche, but also to identify available domain names related to that keyword.

Why use target keywords within domain names?

Simply put, because it helps with search engine rankings and attracts targeted visitors to your site. There is no point having a made up word as your domain name when visitors will not be searching for it. For example – registering friddle dot com when you sell high end hand bags will probably get you nowhere. A domain name that includes you target keyword  is best because it will attract natural search results.

Not only that, but attracting good search results is not everything. You also want people to click through to your website. Preferably targeted visitors who will find what they need and spend on your website, bringing you an income. Of course some companies register nonsense words and build a brand out of it, so if that is your goal, then it can also be profitable, but involves a lot more hard work.

How does Niche Finder find available domain names?

By integrating information grabbed from Domain Face, Niche Finder does the searching for you without you having to go elsewhere. It’s awesomely powerful and a real time and hassle saver. You can even click on a handy little tab labelled ‘aged domains’ to find already registered domains which are for sale – along with a listed asking price. It really is incredible.

Not only are you able to do your keyword research to identify a new and profitable keyword to target, but you can assess the competition and the difficulty factor in being able to rank well in the search engines in that keyword. But Niche Finder now goes beyond that, eliminating the need to additional software or searches to find available domain names that include the target software. You can even go ahead and buy the domain name within Niche Finder at the click of a button. It’s great.

Start a whole new branch of your business with Niche Finder

It’s really simple. By using Niche Finder to do your keyword research you are using a powerful piece of software which gives you the big picture. It then goes on to analyse the competition and assess the difficulty factor in ranking well on searches on that keyword. But if that wasn’t enough – if you are an entrepreneur and want to start a niche site for profit, then Niche Finder does it all internally. You can identify a profitable new niche and register the domain name you want inside the software. Using Niche Finder for your research eliminates at least two extra steps in creating a new branch of your internet business.