How do you use Niche Marketing on a blog? This is a common question for bloggers who want to create a blog for niche marketing purposes. A niche isn’t like a regular blog that might target a broad topic. A niche targets a specific section of a broad topic which is targeted.  If you’re blog uses niche marketing you are more likely to be found by the search engines and gain traffic. Since the Internet is so clogged with websites all talking about the same things you need a niche to stand out in the crowd and bring those visitors into your blog. In this article you’ll find out how to apply niche marketing and make your blog draw traffic from the search engines.

Deciding on Your Niche

The hardest part will be to decide on the niche you want to write about. The niche needs to be very targeted and specific for it to be effective. Let’s take for example the topic “shoes.” Now this topic is very broad since there are men’s shoes, women’s, shoes, shoes for work, work boots,  running shoes, high heels, and so on. If your blog was about all these different shoes it would get lost in the seas of the Internet. You would get some traffic but a more targeted approach would be better and this is where the niche comes into play.

Let’s take shoes and make a niche out of it. For this example the niche is “men’s work boots.” Now we are more targeted but let’s refine this some and call it “men’s steel toe work boots.” Now we have a very targeted and specific niche in the broad category of “shoes.”  Using these keywords you can develop a blog around “men’s steel toe work boots.” You are using keywords in your blog so people can find it online. If these keywords were available as a domain this would be even better. So your domain would be or as examples. Whenever you can get keywords as a domain name this is powerful for your blog in terms of driving traffic to your site. You can create blogs around several niches if you want or just concentrate on one. Of course you need to do research first before you start your blog and see if your niche is going to be profitable. Use Google Adwords or similar tools for this purpose to start your niche marketing blog.

Building Your Blog

Once you have your keyword it’s time to build your blog. You’ll need articles, images, videos and other important information around your niche to keep people interested in your blog. Make sure you add posts every few days to keep the blog fresh and people engaged with your content. If your blog is a product like “men’s steel toe boots” you can do reviews of different products. You can rewrite review of products from other sources and put them on your blog.  You should resist the urge to use spun content and instead just write your own content since this is better for your placement in the search engines. Other things you could do in terms of product review are to compare two items and in this example you would be comparing two brands of work boots against each other. You could then give recommendations to your blog visitor about which boot is best and then provide affiliate links to places such as Amazon for them to visit. If your blog is highly targeted you can use AdSense too for additional revenues.

Your Blog Needs High Quality Content

You should focus on building the best niche blog possible by adding as much high quality content as you can. A few posts thrown up without any concrete information isn’t going to bring you the constant traffic you seek for your blog. Be sure to keep expanding your blog and focusing in on your niche. For products be sure you advertise new items that are coming into the marketplace and keep your readers informed with a newsletter or other content. If you create a great niche blog you can drive the traffic into your blog and corner the marketplace on that topic but it will take a great deal of work on your part. Once you set out to build your niche keep up the pace and you’ll see the results of your efforts.

Common Mistakes

Having too much advertising on your niche blog is a common mistake. You need to focus on your content more than your advertising and make each advertisement a natural part of your blog. If it’s a product you want to sell products but at the same time give your readers a reason for staying on your blog and checking out more of your posts.  An example is niche blog that has only a few posts and tons of advertising banners. No one is going to come back to your niche blog and you won’t get any quality traffic in the process. If you make an excellent niche blog your blog will spread by word of mouth and you’ll get additional hits. Another mistake is creating the blog and then quitting a few weeks later. You need to realize that it takes time for your blog to find its way through the Internet and you need to give it time to work for you.

Final Thoughts

Niche Marketing blogs are an excellent way to drive traffic to a blog and bring you revenues from advertising or affiliate marketing. Just remember that your niche needs to be targeted and you need to do research on the niche before proceeding with the blog. You need to be certain that the blog stands a chance of making you money before you build it. Focus on high-quality content to keep visitors coming back to your blog and driving that traffic to you on a steady basis. Work hard on your blog and don’t give up in the early stages of its development. You can put niche marketing on a blog to work for you and make money in the process.