It's no guarantee that the strategy you use online will always work. We are given social sites like Facebook and Twitter along with our links, blogs, and sites.

Things You Will Need

AdToons at Twitter

I have a little invention called AdToons. I make cartoon ads to help advertise my blogs and websites. That is one strategy that I use to gain visitors online. I add a link to the ad so when visitors click on it, they will be lead to what I want them to see. Thanks to Twitter, you can share your links with the world. Your links might involve money, and your links may not involve money. Whatever the reason your links are posted, Twitter is the quick and easy way to go.

Step 1

Promoting Sites and Blogs

You can also use Twitter to draw people to your sites and blogs. For example, I have a website called AdToons . I decided to make a Twitter page called AdToons showing the link address to my site. You can keep people up to date that might be following you and your site by tweeting links to your posts. Your Twitter page may even help you gain new followers.

Promoting Your Article Links

You may also use the links to your articles to promote your articles on your blogs. You may want to write a few sentences for that link so the viewer can learn a little more of what your article is about. That is what search engines do like Google. Learn and watch how the Internet works to make your content work for you. That is very important.

Trying to make a way for yourself online is not an easy task, but you must stick with it. Yesterday your strategy did not work, but it does not mean that it will not work tomorrow. It may work five years from now, but you must keep going with it.

Tips & Warnings

One day you might wake up and find that you are a very successful person. Keep on using strategy for your links, blogs, and sites.