Public domain articles, books, and other material are a treasure full of information and finished works that can be used by anyone for anything. There are times when all Writer's have a lack of creativity for writing articles. When you feel that writing is a very tedious task, you procrastinate to delay writing, or find researching for the topic and writing original materials is too time consuming then public domain is for you.

What Is Public Domain?

Most authors would prefer to copyright their work for their rights. The public domain sites are filled with Authors who don't mind sharing their work. Public domain materials are not owned by anybody and can be used and abused by anyone. When the book, article, or any type of information is placed into Public Domain the Authors have waived their rights to their works and it is out there for the public to make use of.

Public Domain Benefits

Benefits of using public domain material to generate marketing articles for your website, marketing objective, viral marketing or Internet marketing articles include:

-Saves time writing- With the public domain articles you can simply edit them to your own style and rewrite them as you please to make it suitable for your needs. All the ideas are there already and its just a matter of finding an article with the topic or subject you need.
-Less research needed - You don't need to scour around the library or the internet for hours for information and start an article from scratch.
-Saves you money - You do not need to hire Ghost Writers to write your articles. Typically a single 500 word article costs $10 to $15. Multiply that by the hundreds of articles you need for a quality website and it adds up quickly.
-Spend less time coming up with ideas - For those who need articles for their newsletters or an e-ezine, public domain articles will be very beneficial. You do not need to count on your contributors or pay Ghost or Freelance writers for marketing articles for your newsletter or e-ezine. You can fill all the pages without any cost or the worry of being sued and sought after by the writers. Simply copy the articles you have found on the Public Domain website and place them on your newsletter and e-ezine.

The best way to ensure original content, using public domain material, is to work with it to infuse your personality in to the article. Find the powerful and/or unique keywords for your topic and integrate them into the article. When you submit your article, originated from Public Domain, to Internet Article Directories they will be easily searchable by webmasters who are looking for articles to fill their site and to generate a high ranking for their website in search engine results.

Public Domain Locations - Where To Find Public Domain Materials To Use To Draft Articles For Internet Marketing.

Finding public domain articles is quick and easy on the Internet. Search 'public domain articles' and you will find many sites to choose from. There are also public domain books you could use to create articles from. The online books page at http://digital.library.upenn,edu/books/ contains reference to thousands of works in the public domain. Search the listing by 'author', 'title', 'serial' or 'subject'. Almost off of these books are direct download in 'txt' files so it is easy to edit, format and immediately publish online.

Take a look at the books in your line of work, education, or in the index of books you have on your bookshelf to see if there are any references to previously published work.

If you find a book that was published years ago do a search for it in one of these search engines to determine copyright and/or published date. (meta search engine)

The Library of Congress (LoC) has a lot of original images, books and other works in their collection that is freely available online that could be public domain. (search public domain)

Public Domain Validity - Is It Really Public Domain? Can You Use It To Write Articles For Your Web Marketing?

To determine if the works is in the public domain go to Choose the 'brief summary' first (otherwise the program will hang until a time-out), then choose 'full record' from there.

A webmaster, or article marketing writer, do not need to worry about getting sued for copyright infringement because they are public domain, once again meaning that anybody can use it. Writing articles by using public domain wont require as much work as writing one from scratch would.

Public domain materials are an untapped resource that many people do not know about or realize the value of. Public domain articles have given a great alternative for those who are cash strapped as well as do not have the time nor the skills to do their articles for themselves.

If you are working out of your house running a small business or affiliate marketing writing articles is the only free marketing tool available that will generate traffic and customers. Ultimately, taking time to write Internet marketing articles increases your revenues.