A fairly new search engine that is really great for power searchers, like article writers, is easily downloadable. It is Qrobe.it (pronounced krobe), and presently it is in English only. What it does that is different is: Qrobe it combines Google, Bing and Ask in a fast, user friendly search. It is a meta search engine in one site.

I use Mozilla Firefox for my browser, and usually my search engine is set to Google. When I click on the down arrow I am given different search engine choices like Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc. At the bottom of the scroll is "manage search engines." I clicked on that and learned of all sorts of add ons for this search bar. One of them was Qrobe.it. I added it, and have been using it for a week now. It is really great. I get the best results from Google, Bing and Ask (depending on if I check all those boxes).

One of the first joys I found was that it has an infinite scroll. This means I don't have to refresh from page to page (nice).

Here is a walk-through of using Qrobe.it. Make sure you are using the Qrobe.it search engine. Then type in your search phrase. Look to the upper right side to see 3 boxes that you can choose to check or un-check as you please. They are for Google, Ask and Bing. I searched for "qrobe," without the quotes. With all 3 boxes checked, I got 7,745 search results. With just Bing checked, I got 7,410 results. With just Google checked, I got 3,350, and zero for just Ask checked. Okay, so those numbers look pretty respectable, and the search results were very fast.

Then I typed in another search phrase to explore the mega search engine further. I searched "knockout dropper," (without quotes). I picked a result and moused to the right of it (on blank space). An arrow appeared that I clicked on. It is a drop down menu for:
  • Share (facebook, digg, twitter, etc.)
  • Save (favorite, google, pdf, etc.)
  • Safety/Verify (avg, google)
  • Translate (google, bing).

This option is before I even clicked on the site result, so if skimming and knowing you want to refer back to the site, or share it, or verify it's safe before clicking on it, this is a very handy item!

Below the chosen search phrase, past the url, are the words; Bing, Google, Peek, More, and New Window. Obviously, if you click on Bing or Google, you are taken to those search engines exclusively, for the search result chosen. Peek is really sweet. It shows the website in a little box that appears, with a scroll, so you can check out the site without really clicking on it, it saves lots of time. If you wonder more about the site, click on More. You will see more articles, or whatever from that site. A New Window click opens the site in a new window.

On the screen to the upper left are the words; Web, Images, and News. Clicking on Web returns you to search page (with whatever search boxes you initially checked). Images is rather special. If you hover your cursor over an image it shows the size (jpg.), and website (url for image). Then, below you have the choice to "Peek (image/site)" to get a close up of the image, choose a new window to view image, or go to Google images. All this with just hovering your cursor over the image.

Try it out, it's fun, fast, reliable, and free.