Revenue sharing sites are web sites that are owned and run by other individuals. These places allow people to post content and share in the revenue that it creates. Knowing this, it might seem strange to some that this can be a very important tool to building your own successful sites.

While you will want to eventually want to invest in creating your own web site so that you can get 100% of the money from the content that you publish. This is how to use any of the revenue sharing sites like Infobarrel to start your journey.

Step One

Choose a topic area or niche that you think that you will want to create your own web site on. There are many ways that you can go about finding a topic that you think will make money online for you. It is good if you have some interest or passion for the area, but this is a not a mandatory part of the equation.

Step Two

Create your own account on the one of the revenue sharing sites of your choice if you do not already have one. You can sign up for Inforbarrel for free here to get you started in doing this. Make sure that you read the rules of the place that you are joining to know exactly what can and can not be posted on the site.

Step Three

Do keyword research on the topic that you are wanting to get into. You have probably already have done a bit of this as you were picking the area. Now is the time to compose a list of keywords that you will use to create posts and articles that will make money for you. The larger the list that you can create, the more options that you will have for creating content.

Step Four

Create 3 to 5 articles to submit to the revenue sharing site that you have joined. Make sure that the pieces that you write meet the guidelines for submission. You are going to want to use the keywords in them that you found when you did your research.

Step Five

Post your content and make sure to inter link them. This helps to drive traffic and get them seen by more readers. It can also help with search engine rankings.

Step Six

Promote your batch of articles just like you plan to do with your own web site when you create it. If you will be relying on search engine traffic to make money, you will want to create quality backlinks to your articles on the revenue sharing sites. There are people that work primarily with social networking traffic. This will mean posting on places like Facebook and twitter to get your work seen.

Step Seven

The next part of the process is by far the hardest. You need to sit back and wait to see how the articles on the revenue sharing sites do. It can take a few weeks to a couple of months for content to full hit its earning potential. While you are waiting to see how this topic fairs, you can always choose to run this test on other topics that you might want to create a web site on.

Step Eight

Depending on if you like the results that you see in the articles that you have posted to the revenue sharing sites, this will let you know if you want invest in creating a web site based on it or moving on to a new topic.