The shabby chic design is going to give you a cottage look even if you live in an impersonal apartment. This is really a chance for you to create a theme throughout your entire home. It's also one of the least expensive decorating styles and it has a really big impact as well.

The great thing about this design style is that it works with a lot of white. White is popular in home design. Really stone tile has become a big trend. Stone slab countertops can cost thousands of dollars and they are very popular. However, a few years ago in the interior design world it was all about white ceramic tile. If you still have this in your home you can work with it. If you're lucky enough to have stone countertops it can work with a shabby chic design style. This is a theme that you can even put in a kitchen or bathroom where the tile just isn't the trendiest thing but it's still pretty neutral. In fact, this can even work with a lot of taupe, gray, and pink tile which are all very common in vintage homes.

It's important not to go too overboard with any theme especially if you're using it in every room in your home. Some rooms that you want to feel very formal such as your living room can have a lot of French inspired end tables and handpainted furniture in it. This is where the family hangs out such as the kitchen or the family room and it can have painted paneling. The great thing about going with textured walls is that you can keep it white and it will still be interesting. This is really going to be important just because if you have a family then decorating with white can be a little bit scary. If you aren't the perfect housekeeper decorating with white can be a little bit scary. Instead, you can just find areas to use this very signature shabby chic kind of color in ways that are easy to live with.

One thing that you'll really want to consider is what you need to update in your room. For instance a few years ago pink bathtubs and sinks and toilets were very popular. This initially may seem like it's perfect for the shabby chic design style, but it does look so dated. You might want to replace these fixtures if that's at all possible. If not then just try to disguise them with a crisp white shower curtain.

One thing that's really important for the shabby chic design style is that it is so feminine. You're really going to need to counteract this in the main living areas of your home. This may just mean that you go with a lighter maple wood or even a plain white on your furniture choices in the dining room or even for your living room end tables. You also need to get pieces that are family-friendly even though that white sofa might be calling your name. You could just look for very simplistic microsuede sofas in taupe that will still work for you that are going to be a lot easier to clean.

You also want to bring in at least one really delicate piece of furniture. This could be very simplistic such as rattan chairs. We are seeing this on everything from dining room chairs to even accent pieces. A wingback style chair can be one of your more expensive options. This is different from the country wicker style furniture because it's going to be in more of the natural tone. It can still have a white cushion so it relates back to a lot of the other furniture in your space but this plays around with texture and really helps to modernize the silhouettes that would otherwise be a little bit too formal.

When you do go with floral bedding which is a staple in this design style you need to make sure that you find new ways to accomplish this. One way that you could really work around this is to go with a patchwork quilt. This is something that we are seeing everywhere from Pottery Barn to Target to even Anthropologie. This is going to use different blocks of floral fabrics. All of the contrasting florals and the different colors are going to make it a little bit more trendy looking and it can even incorporate a lot of brighter tones such as yellow or orange.

The shabby chic design style can at times feel a little bit juvenile just because it does use so much pink and white which are staple colors in nurseries and girls rooms. You can really elevate these colors by bringing in one really modern element. In fact, this can even work with anaglyptia wallpaper. This is going to give you a vintage effect. You could even get actual pressed tin or painted tin to use as your backsplash. This is going to coordinate with a lot of your stainless steel appliances which would usually just seem a little bit too modern for this kind of design style.

You can also really use the shabby chic design in the bedroom. This can even work in a teens room. Platform style beds are very popular. You can find more of the captain style bed with open shelves underneath or drawers. You could place wicker baskets underneath this to bring in that country kind of texture which is really imperative for this kind of design style. However, you need to make sure that this room isn't too formal. In fact try just bringing in a few brighter greens or turquoises instead of just sticking with a pink color palette to really help you to accomplish this quite easily. Since the shabby chic style has been quite popular throughout the last decade it's something that you can build slowly over time. This is going to help you to work in trendy items so that no one room ever becomes too dated. At the same time it also ensures that you can work with it on a budget.