NOTE:  Things change online. has recently instituted a small annual fee to use the site. is a social bookmarking site that allows you to create do-follow links to your articles and your chosen homepage at the same time. You also have a chance to earn some Adsense revenue by using the SheToldMe site. Here is how to set yourself up to benefit from SheToldMe.

Go to the homepage and click the join button. Fill in all the info requested. Be sure to put a sentence or two in the "why I want to join" box so that the site owner knows you are a real person. Feel free to say "Hi James" to the SheToldMe owner.

Next look up your Google Adsense publisher code. Open the Adsense page ready to copy the code over to SheToldMe. If you do not have an Adsense code either go and get one or don't worry about it. You can always join Adsense and add the code to SheToldMe later. The main benefit of SheToldMe is the links anyway.

After submitting your information for a new account, you need to wait because it might take a few days for your application to be approved. SheToldMe has a staff of one (James) so the site can afford to share a lot of revenue with contributors like you.

Once approved, you can create Scoops that link to some article you want to promote or other interesting stuff you find online. The title of your scoop becomes an anchored backlink so pick a good title. Next you need to provide a few lines of text describing the article you are linking too. Make the text unique and on topic. Use keywords that a Google searcher would use. You can go use a keyword tool or just think about what someone is going to type to find information on the topic of the article you are linking to. Put that in the description.

Add Keywords in the keyword box, seperated by commas. These keywords help searchers find your scoop and they determine which related articles show up. SheToldMe uses the keywords you pick to bring up related scoops.

You also need to choose a general category. This helps find related scoops too. The related scoops provide a bunch of extra content to attract the search engines, important since what you write for the scoop is hardly enough to attract the attention of the search engines.

Hit the Submit Button and than Rate Up your scoop (if you don't no one else will). Now you can move on to the next Scoop.

The benefits of creating contextual links to your online content are many. Links are the main way that humans and search engines find your articles. Without links no one will read what you have to say or buy what you have to sell. Also, the search engines use bots to crawl the web following links. The more links that exist to your content the more important that the search engines think your content is. So go forth and build some links already!

Here is the link to SheToldMe to get started.