How to Use Shock and Awe to Learn Hypnosis

Shock and Awe? Learn Hypnosis. What does one have to do with the other?

First, let us consider what one is learning. Hypnosis refers to an altered state of consciousness. Now this altered state of consciousness can be brought about in many ways. Usually, the trance state is brought on by a process called induction. One first learns hypnosis by going through induction and after experiencing this process, the student is better able to take another person into the state using induction techniques. The induction techniques can be anything from progressive relaxation to counting the swinging pendulum of a watch or a reinforced belief that one's eyelids are heavy and that one's head is heavy and so forth.

Master hypnotists and hypnotherapists are able to take a client into a trance state very rapidly. Their induction technique is impeccable. This means their confidence is high and their timing is accurate to a fault. There is no hesitancy. To obtain such skill requires constant practice and fine tuning. Otherwise, the novice must fall back on very deliberate but slow moving techniques such as progressive realization. But after one has been practicing a while, it becomes a challenge to use other ways to learn hypnosis. And the ultimate is the method of shock and awe. This method is instantaneous. Let me begin by describing how to hypnotize a chicken. Let us consider the process.

How to Hypnotize a Chicken to Learn Hypnosis

Hypnotizing a chicken is a good place to begin our explration of shock and awe as applied to a hypnotic induction. Here is how it goes. Pick up the chicken with one swoop, move the chicken through an arc and smoothly place the chicken on its side. Stroke the chicken from beak downward. It can help if you have drawn a V on the ground in advance and when you place the chicken on its side, have the beak touching the tip of the....This gives the chicken something to focus on and also provide confusion for the chicken given that their vision is now split and all this came out of the blue. So it is the element of surprise that brings about shock and awe. Here we are not talking about content such as golf hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis, lose weight hypnosis, but about a simple process, a very rapid induction.

You may say, yes, this may work well with a chicken, but a chicken is not a human being. What does the shock and awe method have to do with placing a human being in trance? Well, before we move on to how to learn hypnosis for a human, consider what happens if a person accidentally runs into a deer on a highway. Just before the collision, we see the deer, frozen in our headlights. The deer is in trance.The deer has entered this state because it is in shock and awe. The shock and awe of confusion and things too rapid to assimilate. And one freezes. But does this happen with a human? Yes. Think of two boxers. After moving about the ring a bit, they tie up in a clench and they rhythmically move about and all of a sudden one breaks the clench and wallops the other. The boxer receiving the blows is in a state of surprise and shock, shock and awe. At this point, his subconscious mind is exposed and susceptible to suggestion. The aggressive boxer could say anything and the passive boxer would at least momentarily accept it. Forexample, he could say, addressing the other boxer: You are no fighter. You may have had a few lesions, but you are no fighter. You are afraid of me. Look whose bleeding now." Now all these statements are taken as true. Later, the passive boxer may deconstruct what was said and not give credence to it, but in that initial moment of surprise, the message is accepted without criticism.

So, how is shock and awe used to learn hypnosis? What does it look like? With the master therapist it often looks like the flashing movement of a serpent, wherein the therapist grasps the head of he client when he is already in a passive state. This passive state is converted into one of surprise, shock and awe. A sudden move and the therapist controls the head of a person. You may recall the movie, Kim, wherein Kim is hypnotized by the breaking of dishes. He is shocked into exposing his subconscious. Following the initial shock he is extremely susceptible to suggestion. He is in trance. Now you can see that if the therapist hesitates but a split second, it will forewarn the subject and the therapist will botch the movements.The movements of hand and the use of voice, must be perfectly timed.

Think of any situation that brings about shock...a sudden surprise, a disorientation in one's physical environment and the like. Once the therapist seizes the consciousness of the client, then he can proceed as usual. He could then implant a program for lose weight hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis, etc. : almost anything may be implanted, but this takes us into the therapeutic part of hypnotherapy...what I want to focus on is the induction process and what I have put forward are examples of extremely rapid, almost instantaneous inductions. Shock and awe. Shock and awe produces disorientation, a freezing of judgment. One must use perfect timing to take advantage of this moment. The subject assents to the shock in the moment. It is very near covert hypnosis in that the client has not decided step by step to assent to the suggestions of the therapist. There is a kind of surrender taking place, a surrender brought about by shock and awe, brought about by a confused state that turns into submission to a trance state. We saw how this worked with chickens and then with deer. But we are not immune to animal responses; we share certain characteristics of the animal kingdom. Whatever we are, we are also animals and we are subject to animal response, shock and awe being one of them. The trance state being one of them.

In your search for applicatins of hypnosis, do not be discouraged by the variation in designation of types of hypnosis. You may find hypnosis tapes, insomnia hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis, instant hypnosis, golf hypnosis, covert and overt hypnosis, street and clinical hypnosis, hypnosis orgasm and hypnosis show. These look like very different items and their end products will vary, but the basic process of induciton is the same. You are creating the conditions for an altered state of consciousness.