Home maintenance, repair, remodeling, housekeeping, cleaning, installation, child care and pet sitting are all reasons you have strangers coming into your home to do work for you. Your home is one of your biggest investments, a safe place to escape the stress and chaos of the world, a place you spend a lot of your time.

You often need help taking care of your home and hire workers to come into your home. Unfortunately you can't always be there to supervise them and be sure of what's happening. You are trusting people you don't know with your privacy, your stuff, even your children.

There is a way to really know what's going on in your home when you're not there. A way to supervise the people that you are paying to do a job. You can do more than hope for the best and blindly trust people to do what they should. You can use a simple hidden camera strategically placed and monitor the people coming in to work in your house.

 The idea of a spy camera or 'covert surveillance' may sound like something out of James Bond or a detective movie but the reality is that regular people are using hidden cameras in their homes and businesses to protect their property, their families and their information. Hidden cameras aren't just for detectives, secret agents, or PI's anymore.

 There are micro cameras disguised as regular ordinary (functional) everyday items. There are clock spy cameras, cameras hidden in tissue boxes, plants, AC chargers, picture frames, and light switches. You can use a security camera hidden in a working wall clock out in plain sight without anyone knowing they are being watched.

 The options are almost limitless. You can get a clock spy camera that is triggered by motion (so that you don't have to watch hours of 'nothing'), by heat sensation or set on a schedule. There are spy cameras with night vision, email/text alerts, SD memory recording or wi-fi signals to your computer or smart phone.

 Install a clock spy camera and you will be able to monitor the workers coming into your home and know for sure what happened while you were out. Keep an eye on the nanny or babysitter, the contractor and his workers, the repairman, the plumber, the cleaning service or the neighbor who's watching your cat while you are on vacation.

You will know if they did the job they were supposed to the way that you agreed on it. Did they waste time that you were paying an hourly rate for? And, you'll see if they were misbehaving in any way. If they were perusing your private information, going through your things, or robbing you while you were busy doing something away from home.

Worker in the Home

Another great use of a spy clock is to make sure your children are being well looked after when you trust their care to a babysitter or nanny. Make sure you know if they are doing a good job, if they're snooping around in your personal affairs, if they're stealing. You can find out if they are neglecting or in any way mistreating your children. Knowing gives you the power to act if you need to.

Everyone is busy these days and so we are more dependent on having outsiders help us manage our homes. They come in and clean, repair, remodel and even take care of our kids and our pets. Find out if the strangers you are trusting are deserving of that trust. Make sure the people in your home are doing the work they should and not taking advantage of your absence to abuse that trust.

 A hidden camera can help you make sure that your privacy is not being invaded, your things are not being stolen and that the work you are paying to get done is the only thing happening while you are away. Using a spy camera adds an extra layer of security to help you protect your belongings, your home and your family.